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Togs for Togs
Event Gor'Tog Culture Faire 416
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Gor'Tog shops, Armor shops, Clothing shops, Food shops, Jewelry shops, Miscellaneous shops, Shield shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Togs for Togs, Garb]
A fine array of clothing hung on racks and hooks surrounds the area, appearing to be separated by sizes. Along the eastern wall, brightly colored signs denote a Gor'Tog section, and the opposing wall hosts a simple sign that seems to be marked with a great deal of scribbles and small stick figures.
You also see a flap.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, northwest.

On the bronze hooks marked with small stick figures
Item Price Done
dingy linen vest poorly embroidered with a tiger-striped cat 375   !!
ill-fitted black vest fastened with buttons fashioned from rocks 7,500   !!
ripped sleeveless shirt with unidentifiable stains on the front 750   
sweat-stained linen shirt sloppily painted with a ham 1,000   
On the brass rack marked with small stick figures
Item Price Done
pair of thin pants crafted from worn leather 1,125   !!
pair of shoddy pants with severely frayed legs 1,250   !!
On the brass rack in the Gor'Tog section
Item Price Done
pair of charcoal black wrap pants with a wide sash 1,250   
pair of oversized pants crafted from distressed leather 3,750   
pair of large tailored pants with wide legs 7,500   !!
On the brass hooks in the Gor'Tog section
Item Price Done
large hide vest emblazoned with an elaborate boar's visage 3,750   !!
oversized pinstriped vest adorned with an elaborate silk rose 7,500   !!
large tight-fitted shirt with cut-off sleeves 1,875   
oversized tea-colored linen shirt with billow sleeves 1,875   


[Togs for Togs, Games]
This part of the tent is set up much like a play area, featuring a wide space to allow patrons to challenge each other and pick over a few sport-related goods. A nearby cart laden with food and drinks provides refreshment and a subtle encouragement to boisterous activities.
You also see a battered arm-wrestling table with a prominent sign bearing the directions for arm wrestling on it and a large punching bag with flaking paint.
Obvious exits: south.

On the box
Item Price Done
solid togballer's armet crafted from plate - plate armor 3,750   !!
chain-covered togballer's balaclava accented with darkened leather - chain armor 2,250   !!
thick leather togballer's helmet with a protective mask - light armor 2,500   !!
small steel barn door covered in various dents - large shield 6,250   
broken barstool leg with thick leather straps - parry stick 1,500   
In the clothing bin
Item Price Done
black and orange shirt painted with "CHOHMPER BE WITH YOU!" 837   
black shirt painted with "GO KNIFE CLAN!" 837   !!
orange shirt painted with "GO TIGER CLAN!" 837   
brown shirt painted with "GO BOAR CLAN!" 837   


[Togs for Togs, Grub]
From behind a large counter with a glass display full of meats, the sizzling sounds of a skillet can be heard. A series of tables in the area are laden with various baked and cooked goods, their scents wafting through the air of the tall tent.

Obvious exits: southwest.

On the tables
Item Price Done
oversized green cupcake 375   
hunk of seared ham drizzled with gravy 125   
large bacon cheddar roll 250   
In the glass display full of meats
Item Price Done
raw bits of ham 437   
raw alligator 625   
raw bison 250   
On the large counter
Item Price Done
dark green skillet shaped like a togball 6,250   


[Togs for Togs, Goods]
Cleanly swept, the area on this side of the tent appears very orderly and well put together. Arranged to produce maximum space for browsing customers, several surfaces display a myriad of wares for sale.

Obvious exits: southeast.

In the large barrel
Item Price Done
femur-blasting maul - twohanded blunt weapon (80 stones) 2,875   
toggler's massive toy rattle with flaking paint - light blunt/light thrown weapon (25 stones) 2,375   
sharpened tree trunk - pike weapon (75 stones) 3,750   
large wooden cooking spoon with bite marks - light blunt weapon (25 stones) 2,500   
massive snake cleaver with a thick deobar haft - twohanded blunt weapon (70 stones) 1,875   
double-headed skullcrusher with a Gor'Tog-shaped stamp on the haft - heavy blunt weapon (50 stones) 3,750   
crude nightstick made out of a large fencepost - short staff weapon (35 stones) 1,625   
In the storage crate
Item Price Done
wide leather armband painted with a S'Kra Mur face under a large red X 1,500   
tiger's eye and silver ring adorned with a Tiger Clan symbol 750   
silver ring etched with a Knife Clan symbol 750   
silver and sardonyx ring with a Boar Clan symbol 750   
On the long rack
Item Price Done
fluffy brown towel shaped like a large squirrel 1,562   
large thick towel of olive green cotton 1,312   
oversized white towel embroidered with togglers 3,062   
thick pink towel stained with the watercolor-like images 1,312   
large lime green towel embroidered with a large pink ham 2,812   
In the wash bin
Item Price Done
bar of ale brown soap shaped like a stein 125   
bar of mint green soap shaped like a leaf 125   
lump of soap vaguely resembling a deflated togball 125   
bar of rust red soap shaped like a cinnamon roll 125   
bar of emerald-colored soap shaped like an apple 125