Theren Guard Headquarters

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Found in NE Therenborough near the Gealeranendae College, the Theren Guard Headquarters is the meeting area for the player run organization of the same name, the Theren Guard. Within are free refreshments, the Lion's Den Lounge, Fine art appraisal‎ pieces & a fireplace to cook your own food.



[Theren Guard Headquarters, Courtyard]
Wild grape vines spider the base of the battlement-capped walls that surround the sprawling, well-tended grounds. Amid neatly trimmed hedges, alabaster statues of armored knights line the broad flagstone walkway that traverses the courtyard and encircles a sunken marble pool, a towering gryphon sculpture at its center. A pair of semi-circular marble benches provides a leisurely place to chat or to simply take in the beauty of the landscape. Built within the eastern wall is the two-story riverstone Order house, it's ironwood double doors bearing ornately crested shields, while a nearby arbored archway leads further into the area.
You also see some towering iron gates and a marble birdbath.
Obvious paths: none.

Active Items

  • Vines:
Softly lit by the nearby statues, the network of vines creates a shadowy web that spiders to the tall riverstone walls.  Several tenacious clusters still cling to their stems, while others have begun to wither, signaling the coming winter.
  • Statue
Looking as though the knight just stepped from battle, the Human male bears a brawny build, his hair neatly cropped with slight grin nearly disguised by a full goatee.  Dressed in full chain mail, he stands resolute with his gauntleted fists steepled over the glowing gaethzen-bladed greatsword planted before him.
  • Other Statue
Depicted with short hair worn in a finger-combed style, the tall, brawny Human male bears a squared-jaw with deep laugh lines about his face.  Dressed in field plate armor, he stands resolute with his gauntleted fists steepled over the glowing gaethzen-bladed greatsword planted before him.
  • Third Statue
The chiseled statue depicts a Human male knight with short, straight hair and a warm smile that graces his stony countenance.  Dressed in half plate and greaves, he stands resolute with his gauntleted fists steepled over the glowing gaethzen-bladed greatsword planted before him.
  • Fourth Statue
Masterful stonework depicts the tall, Human knight with an athletic build, his shoulder-length hair carelessly arranged and a thick mustache that converges with his long beard.  Dressed in a suit of plate armor, he stands resolute with his gauntleted fists steepled over the glowing gaethzen-bladed greatsword planted before him.
  • Pool
Exquisite ocean-blue marble streaked with veins of gold lines the sunken pool, a small school of colorful koi fish gliding fluidly through the crystal clear water.  An intricate mosaic worked into the bottom encircles the sculpture with the words "Justice not Law, Deeds not Words".
  • Sculpture
Towering at the center of the pool, the majestic alabaster creature is poised upon its hind legs with its broad wings spread, as if ready to take flight.  Beyond the curled beak, the beast's eyes are set with large Gemfire rubies that shift like flames of a fire as they catch the light.  Intricate detailing from the extended talons on the raised forelegs to the minute features of each feather make the sculpture a breathtaking work of art.
  • Bench x2
Masterful artistry upon the backrest of the white marble depicts a flowing scene of warriors engaged in varying degrees of battle, each donned in Order crested tabards.  Intricately detailed gryphons provide addition support at both ends of the bench, adding to the grandeur of the seating.
  • House
Constructed of white riverstone, the multi-level house bears a towering stone portico entrance that flanks the ironwood double doors with squared columns, the dormer overhead displaying the Theren Guard crest in bas-relief.  Worked into the southern wall is a cylindrical turret, its conical roof supporting a fluttering crimson pennant at its tip.
  • Door
The sturdy wood of the entrance is reinforced with black wrought iron studs and elongated hinges.  Polished crimson marble shields adorn both doors, each crested with opposing rampant gryphons holding a rose in one talon and clenching a flowing streamer in the other that reads "Justice Not Law, Deeds Not Words".
They are open.
  • Archway
Sweeping over the broad archway, the rich copperwood arbor is detailed with spiral-fluted trim while redolent purple clematis vines interlace the crosshatched latticework.  Topping the fixture is a magnificently carved, roaring lion's head surrounded by a flowing banner that reads "~ Baron Jeladric Theren Memorial Arena ~".
  • Gate
Set within thick walls of riverstone capped with ornate battlements and beneath a fortified barbican, the tall gates bear twisted steel bars capped with razor-sharp points.  Cast in gleaming silver, a massive rampant gryphon crests each side of the double gate, facing each other with their wings spread wide behind them.  Near the arched apex is a row of florid, metal letters that read "ORDER OF THE THEREN GUARD".
They are open.
  • Birdbath
The base of the bath has been chiseled to resemble a trio of gryphons, their wings extended to cradle the broad basin overhead.

Kenman Hall

[Theren Guard Headquarters, Kenman Hall]
Polished ivory sandstone surrounds the spacious hall with ornate blind arcades set within the walls, one highlighting a tall statue of an Elven knight, the others displaying suits of armor. Flanked by a pair of satin standards, a broad chandelier hangs overhead, its soft glow drawing attention to the dramatic mosaic worked within the marble floor. Surrounding the intricate design are a trio of walnut-framed settees and a decorative tea table, all overlooking the grand fireplace upon the southern wall. A spiraling stone stairwell in a nearby corner leads to the upper rooms of the house.
You also see a soulstone archway and some ironwood double doors.
Obvious exits: none.


On the tea table
Item Price Done
golden kettle of steaming hot coco-caramel tea 0   
platter of bite-sized cinnamon twists sprinkled with sugar 0   
sterling silver pot of steaming black coffee 0   
fine porcelain pot of fragrant briarberry-orange blossom tea 0   

Active Items

  • Arcade:
Ivory-veined black marble frames the recess, creating a dramatic contrast against the surrounding sandstone.  The fluted columns rise to meet the ornate scrollwork of the overhead arch, the keystone displaying the head of an emerald-eyed gryphon.  Mounted within the apex of the blind arcade is a marbled gaethzen orb, which casts a soft golden hue upon the displayed piece.
  • Arch:
The archway is made of soulstone, the precious substance that imparts to Paladins the current purity of their soul.  A milky white color, hints of moonstone tones ripple through the marbled surface.

Some words have been carved along the top of the archway.
  • Statue:
Dressed in full battle regalia, the bronzed Elven knight stands upon a black marble base, his sword planted at his right side with a gauntleted fist resting upon the pommel.  Expressing a dauntless countenance with wavy hair that tumbles over the shoulders, he clutches an ornate tower shield to his chest, its surface detailing the crest of the Order of the Theren Guard.
There seems to be something written on it.

A tall statue of an Elven knight reads:

   "Example is not the main thing when leading others, it's the only thing."
                       ~ Commander Aaiyaah Kenman ~"
  • Armor:
Meticulously cared for by the young recruits, each set of plate armor bears a different style unique to its former owner.  Florid etching along each of the breastplates indicates the family crests of several former Speakers in the Order's history.
  • Standard:
A standard of flowing crimson satin highlights a central crest of a rearing gryphon holding a white rose in one talon and clenching a flowing streamer in the other.  Elegant embroidery across the streamer reads "Justice not Law, Deeds not Words".  The opposing royal blue standard bears a central crest of a black tower beneath a golden seven-pointed star suspended in the sky.
  • Chandelier:
Hanging from a multitude of sturdy chains, the wrought iron chandelier bears a series of flickering candles set in ornate holders along its circumference.  Dramatic carving along its gallery base details stylized carving that embellishes the grand ring with an intertwining rose vine design, pierced at measured intervals with a shield-shaped pattern.  Anchored to a hook in a nearby wall, the suspension chains allow it to be raised and lowered as needed.
  • Mosaic:
Scores of tiny marble tiles in rich, variegated hues of brown, gold and ivory make up the intricate mosaic at the center of the massive hall.  Ringed with a border of laurel vines, the image depicts a stylized map of Therengia in the background, overlain with a shield of crimson, which is crested with a rampant gryphon.  The majestic wingspread creature clenches a blooming white rose in one taloned foot while the other grasps a flowing gold streamer that reads "Justice not Law, Deeds not Words".
  • Settee x2:
Deeply buttoned ivory velvet upholsters the elegant settee, its ornately-carved frame embellished with graceful scrollwork amid a vining rose design that accents the front supports and cameo-styled backrest.
  • Table:
Thick glass trimmed with a filigreed border rests atop an ornate sculpture of a reclining gryphon, the beast's head and wings supporting the heavy tabletop.
  • Fireplace:
Towering from floor to ceiling, the polished black granite fireplace bears a pair of seated golden gryphon statues that each flank the opening of the firepit and support the wide upper mantel.  Displayed upon the slightly narrowed chimney are a pair of crossed, gleaming greatswords, each set with a magnificent ruby at the pommel.
  • Stairwell, members-only access to other portions of the building:
Polished black granite chiseled with an ornate acanth leaf design borders the archway of the darkened stairwell, a faint light flickering across the lower portion of the spiraling walls beyond.
  • Door:
The sturdy wood of the exit is reinforced with black wrought iron studs and elongated hinges.  Polished crimson marble shields adorn both doors, each crested with opposing rampant gryphons holding a rose in one talon and clenching a flowing streamer in the other that reads "Justice Not Law, Deeds Not Words".
They are open.

The Lion's Den Lounge

[Theren Guard Headquarters, The Lion's Den Lounge]
Richly-grained mahogany surrounds the spacious lounge, the full-length windows that overlook the arena flanking the grand marble fireplace where several tufted leather armchairs invite a relaxing chat by the fire. Rich oil paintings, vibrant tapestries and a colorful dartboard adorn the walls while delectable aromas mingle throughout the area from the kitchen door tucked behind the polished flamewood bar spanning the southern wall. A massive chandelier overhead creates a soft glowing ambience to the area, highlighting the statued pedestal tables below and etched glass display case nearby.
You also see a back door, a voluptuous barmaid, an ornately-carved serving cart with several things on it and a polished soulstone archway.
Obvious exits: none.


The MENU here is for the Lion's Den Lounge.

On the serving cart
Item Price Done
gold tray spread with garlic-seasoned potato wedges 0   
porcelain platter of ham chunks rubbed with brown sugar 0   
frosted glass bowl heaped with plump marshmallows 0   
silver tray lined with fresh cherry tomatoes 0   
bamboo tray heaped with fresh herb-rubbed shrimp 0   
cutting board laden with chunks of zesty marinated beef 0   
napkin-lined basket overflowing with fresh paprika-dusted mushrooms 0   
A small note card reads:
First, make sure the fireplace is filled with logs.
Second, LIGHT the fireplace after you've PUT some logs inside.
Third, ORDER a stick from the bar menu;
grab some food and PUT your food on the stick.
Finally, WAVE your food to start your toasting adventure!
--- ENJOY! ---
Don't forget to clean the fireplace when you're finished.

Active Items

  • ':