Stick in the Sand

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Wise Weapons
Festival Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Stick in the Sand, Counter]
A bamboo counter stands diagonally along a well-trodden path in the sand, linking the exit and a seating area off to the west. Oversized skewers hang from the ceiling, each adorned with colorful bits of cloth, each painted to resemble bits of fruit, meat, and vegetables.
You also see a bamboo table with several things on it and a painted bamboo sign.
Obvious exits: west, out.


The counter holds pre-made kebabs for those in a hurry to get back to their shopping.
If you have a bit more time to relax, you may enjoy making your own kebabs!
Purchase bits of food and sticks on the table,
then take them to the seating area to the west
where you will find a firepit to roast your culinary delights!

-- ENJOY! --

On the bamboo table
Item Price Done
strip of bacon 7   
chunks of sugared pork 7   
chunks of chicken 7   
herb-buttered flatbread 5   
pineapple 5   
button mushroom 5   
cherry tomato 5   
green pepper 5   
chunks of whitefish 7   
marshmallow 5   
jumbo shrimp 10   
On the bamboo counter
Item Price Done
fried bacon kebab 15   
grilled vegetable kebab 10   
seared tuna kebab with a ginger-spiced crust 25   
jumbo shrimp kebab covered in toasted coconut 20   
cocoa-dusted marshmallow kebab 10   
glazed pork kebab sprinkled with red pepper flakes 15   
grilled fish kebab garnished with lemon slices 20   
curried chicken kebab 15   
garlic mushroom kebab 10   
grilled pineapple kebab 10   
steak kebab with tri-color peppers 25   
In the bamboo basket
Item Price Done
long roasting stick 4   
short roasting stick 4   
curved roasting stick 4   

[Stick in the Sand, Seating Area]
Mismatched tables, chairs, rugs, and blankets circle a fire pit sunken into the sand in the middle of this small area. A colorful cloth is stretched overhead, providing some shelter from the elements while letting the smoke filter through, and the sides are left open allowing a gentle sea breeze and the sounds of the island to fill the air.
You also see a painted bamboo sign and a wood bin.
Obvious exits: east.


First, make sure the fire pit is filled with logs from the bin.

Second, LIGHT the fire pit after you've PUT some logs inside.

Third, buy a stick, grab some food and PUT your food on the stick.

Finally, WAVE your stick to start your toasting adventure!

-- ENJOY! --