Tildi's Faire Flowers (1)

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Tildi's Faire Flowers
Festival Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 415
Owner Tildi
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Tildi's Faire Flowers]
Pale silver silk drapes from a carved silverwood center pole, while more round beams, each one carved with twining vines, are spaced equally around the area to create space. Hanging down are a dozen glass fireflies, their rainbow-hued bellies holding candles that cause the light to refract against the walls in a dazzling array of colors. Shelves are set up circling the tent, spaced to give shoppers plenty of room.
You also see a raw lamb shank, a silk tent flap and a silver stand with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the polished shelf
Item Price Done
cream-hued lace headband dotted with bright yellow forsythia blossoms 4,510   
shimmering fascinator displaying delicately shaded glory-of-the-snow flowers 5,412   
black silk head scarf accented with a spray of brightly colored anemones 3,608   
number of tiny glittering hairpins in the shape of eranthis blooms 6,314   
On the smooth shelf
Item Price Done
cluster of delicate bright golden trillium flowers bound with a silken ribbon 18,040   
solitary periwinkle blue crocus bloom pinned to a heart-shaped platinum brooch 18,040   
trio of pastel peach tulips tied together with a length of shimmering spidersilk 18,040   
fan-shaped rose-colored iris speckled with tiny glimmering crystals 18,040   
"These flowers will change color when worn and rubbed. They will not shimmer or flutter."
On the carved shelf
Item Price Done
lacy antiqued gold wristcuff decorated with tiny stripped snowdrift flowers 27,060   
beaded silver necklace graced with a mother-of-pearl bloodroot blossom pendant 36,080   
pair of brightly enameled pansy earrings with golden druzy centers 27,060   
multistrand faience anklet dappled with bell-shaped summer snowflake flowers 36,080   
On the silverwood shelf
Item Price Done
flowering dogwood tree charm with blossoms limned in rose gold 5,412   
flowering redbud tree charm bejeweled with pink sapphire blooms 1,804   
oakleaf hydrangea charm blooming with tiny white topaz flowers 4,510   
mock-orange charm graced with delicately carved ivory flowers 2,706   
"These charms are designed to go on charm bracelets."
On the silver shelf
Item Price Done
profusion of pink and white primrose flowers 27,060   
striking array of darkly hued hellebore blossoms 31,570   
ghostly white rock roses with wine-hued centers 36,080   
stately procession of softly shaded camellias 40,590   
"These flowers will drift silently around a set part of your body."
On the silver stand
Item Price Done
flower preservative potion 902   
"This potion will help preserve not only your flowers but their scent."