Tiger Clan Togball Field Concessions

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Tiger Clan Togball Field, Concessions
Province Zoluren
Town Tiger Clan
Map Ranik's Map 4a
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops, Gor'Tog shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Togball Field, Snack Area]
This small square of scraggly turf is littered with discarded mugs and bits of dropped foodstuffs. Beneath a pair of gnarled oak trees is a rickety lean-to.

Fer Guzzlin'
Item Price Done
1. Black Tog Ale 20   !!
2. Bloodgrog 27   
3. Gor'Tog Golden Grog 25   
4. Headsmasher Fizz 30   !!
Fer the Togglers
Item Price Done
5. Toghallian yak milk frappe 25   !!
6. Fresh turnip juice 15   
Fer Gobblin'
Item Price Done
7. Yak kabob 20   
8. Broiled shank of meadow ram 35   
9. Fried musk hog rinds 27   
10. Grass eel fritters 30   
11. Barbecued breast of boobrie 37   
12. Rhubarb pie 20