Thin Veneer

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The Thin Veneer
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1
Owner Lustre
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Thin Veneer]
The walls and floor of this salesroom are a strange yet pleasing patchwork of polished woods in a variety of finishes and hues, each gleaming section an attractive example of the fine wood fittings stocked by the owner, Lustre. In one corner, a selection of elegant tables complements the inventory, and the rich aroma of deep orange polishing oil hangs heavily in the air. You also see a polished mahogany arch and Lustre.
Obvious exits: out.

Tables, Walls, Floors
Item Price Done
Lustrous satinwood table 40,000   No
Polished maple wall 75,000   No
Polished ebonwood wall 75,000   No
Lustrous walnut table 40,000   No
Polished satinwood wall 75,000   No
Polished flamewood wall 75,000   No
Lustrous flamewood table 40,000   No
Lustrous ebonwood table 40,000   No
Lustrous oak table 40,000   No
Polished ironwood wall 75,000   No
Polished copperwood wall 75,000   No
Polished beechwood wall 75,000   No
Polished walnut wall 75,000   No
Polished blackwood wall 75,000   No
Polished oak wall 75,000   No
Polished ebonwood floor 155,000   No
Polished walnut floor 150,000   No
Polished beechwood floor 125,000   No
Polished copperwood floor 135,000   No
Polished oak floor 160,000   No
Polished satinwood floor 140,000   No
Polished flamewood floor 145,000   No
Polished pine floor 100,000   No
Polished ironwood floor 120,000   No
Polished blackwood floor 130,000   No
Polished maple floor 110,000   No

[The Thin Veneer, Chair Gallery]
Lustre's own exquisite woods line the floor and walls of this pleasant showroom. Groups of elegant chairs are arranged around the room in attractive displays, and yet more selections hang upon the walls, allowing customers to inspect the craftsman's high-quality products from all angles. You also see a sales assistant.
Obvious exits: out.

Chair Gallery
Item Price Done
High-backed mahogany parlor chair - (set of 4) 90,000   No
Elegant pale satinwood chair - (set of 4) 78,000   No
Ornate maple salon chair - (set of 4) 60,000   No
Graceful scrolled walnut chair - (set of 4) 65,000   No
Rich-toned flamewood chair - (set of 4) 70,000   No
Finely-carved silverwillow chair - (set of 4) 75,000   No
Dark cherrywood chair - (set of 4) 50,000   No
Arch-backed ebonwood chair - (set of 4) 80,000   No
Engraved rosewood chair - (set of 4) 55,000   No