Thieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)

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Thieves' Guild, Shop
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Thief shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Weapon shops, Miscellaneous shops
Restrictions Thief
This store only accepts Kronars

[Thieves' Guild, Shop]
An odd assortment of wares is on display for sale here, cluttering the smooth wooden floors protected by small woven hemp rugs. A candelabrum of white beeswax candles high above illuminates the shop. You also see a wooden rack with a fluffy white towel with faint gold stitching on it, a seaman's chest with some stuff on it, a tall display with some stuff on it, an oak crate with some stuff on it, an oak table with a tarnished silver whiskey flask on it and a grey silk curtain.

On the wooden rack
Item Price Done
fluffy white towel with faint gold stitching 6,692   
On the seaman's chest
Item Price Done
stuffed sewer rat 6,220   !!
cowering Crossing guard doll 6,220   
On the tall display
Item Price Done
tall white chef's hat 4,425   
battered wooden spatula 250   
battered black leather gloves 1,793   !!!!
large jar with a stained label depicting a skull and crossbones 1,068   !!
rat on a stick 1,000   !!
aromatic black goo 5,000   
dead hamster 1,750   !!
charred and melted soulstone 1,562   
worked leather armband 750   
frayed hangman's noose 4,437   
On the oak crate
Item Price Done
white silk gem pouch 30,000   No
nightsilk gem pouch 25,000   !!
crimson gem pouch embroidered with silver and gold thread 1,500   No
On the oak table
Item Price Done
tarnished silver whiskey flask 8,167   

[Thieves' Guild, Shop]
Paneled walls match the hardwood floor here, though little is on display besides an open weapon crate atop a woven rug in the center of the room. Overhead, the candlelight from the candelabra flickers slightly with the bustle of the occasional clerk.

In the weapons crate
Item Price Done
Brawling Weapons. Specifically for Ambush Stun
pewter flagon 343   
wooden board 143   
wooden stool leg 137   
wooden chair leg 131   
iron pipe 187   
copper pipe 162   
brass pipe 175   
pewter goblet 375   
bent iron candle holder 312   
amber glass pitcher 312   
lead pipe 150   
clay brick 125   

[Thieves' Guild, Shop]
Paneled deobar walls bear a variety of goods for sale. A scrollwork rack and a smooth deobar shelf jut from the wood, displaying their wares at a slight angle. Nearby, a coat rack, a brass stand and a low table sit across the room from a wide-mouthed barrel. A woven spidersilk rug covers the polished hardwood floors. You also see a darkened ironwood armoire and a low table with some stuff on it.

On the scrollwork rack
Item Price Done
baggy black trousers with a crookedly embroidered leather patch at the knee 6,250   
faded grey silk gown edged with tattered ivory-colored lace 88,125   !!
white canvas apron printed across the front with the viper of Ushnish 9,441   !!
On the deobar shelf
Item Price Done
flashy gold pin engraved with the words "Never Buy, Only Liberate" 16,000   
gold stud cast in the shape of a pair of broken handcuffs 12,000   
black marble mortar engraved with coiling vipers 16,500   
gold pin cast in the shape of a pair of broken handcuffs 12,000   
black marble pestle 1,237   
heavy silver clasp etched with an open coin purse over crossed stilettos 1,600   
On the coat rack
Item Price Done
scorched black leather longcoat 173,000   !!
On the brass stand
Item Price Done
crimson velvet skirt with a swirl of black lace petticoats 11,931   !!
On the low table
Item Price Done
Holds dirt useful for certain Ambushes. Use PUSH to remove dirt
soft suede pouch with knotted vine cords 625   
stained leather bag with fraying cord straps 562   
gem-encrusted box with bright platinum chains 40,625   
small golden case with braided platinum chains 43,125   
dark velvet reticule with soft satin ties 1,250   
etched silver vial strung from intricate chain mesh 4,000   
dusty grey belt purse with black leather straps 825   
On the wide-mouth barrel
Item Price Done
rusty tailband set with an iron spike 7,940   !!
indigo linen alchemy bag clasped with a silver nightingale 9,981   !!
sable velvet alchemy bag embroidered with starry white hemlock blossoms 9,981   
silver-hilted craftsman's knife 2,250   
black velvet alchemy bag stitched in crimson with Dergati's shrike 9,981   
tattered black backpack stitched with the emblem of the Shard Traders' guild 25,000   !!
darkened silver badge emblazoned with the words "Professional Locksmith" 6,625   
In the ironwood armoire
Item Price Done
pair of silver ivy leaf earrings 1,200   
ornate silver filigree combs set with small sapphire flecks 43,937   !!
pink silk gown with tiny rosettes along the sleeves and lined with pale green gossamer 88,125   !!
dark sapphire cufflinks 43,125   
cocoon woven from shimmering pearlescent spider web strands 10,125   
gold crescent moon earrings 24,000   
elegant black silk gown with a train of finely woven lace 32,400   
sleeveless blood-red sequined gown with an elegant black silk train 60,000   !!