The Book Wyrm

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The Book Wyrm
Event Guildfest 431, Guildfest 438
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Toy shops, Container shops, Clothing shops, Writing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

Punny Presents

[The Book Wyrm, Punny Presents]
Bright pink paper lanterns are strung across the ceiling on cords of steelsilk, their bright hue contrasting with the pale grey walls and adding a pop of color to the busy space. Tall piles of tote bags are spread out across a pair of tables at the center of the room, while a colorful arrangement of greeting cards are displayed on an iron stand. Precariously stacked books frame the exit door, each chosen to balance the next and form a perfect arch.
Obvious exits: north.

On the iron stand
Item Price Done
bright red greeting card painted with a plump tomato 4,900   
large greeting card shaped like a fuzzy brown squirrel 4,850   
small greeting card painted with a picturesque seascape 4,700   
matte greeting card painted with glossy black cows 4,850   
round greeting card embossed with a poached egg 4,600   
oceanic blue greeting card painted with a pair of fuzzy sea otters 5,000   
black greeting card painted with a bright green pickle 5,000   
pale grey greeting card showing a bright silver whisk 4,900   
long greeting card painted with a snowy white owl 4,800   
crisp white greeting card embossed with a bunny 5,000   
On the dragonwood table
Item Price Done
plain white tote 15,000   No
fiery red tote embroidered with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild 15,000   No
pale green tote embroidered with the crest of the Empaths' Guild 15,000   No
stiff white tote embroidered with the crest of the Paladins' Guild 15,000   No
forest-green tote embroidered with the crest of the Rangers' Guild 15,000   No
deep black tote embroidered with the crest of the Thieves' Guild 15,000   No
bright silver tote embroidered with the crest of the Clerics' Guild 15,000   No
Katamba-black tote embroidered with the crest of the Moon Mage Guild 15,000   No
burnished gold tote embroidered with the crest of the Traders' Guild 15,000   No
bardic blue tote embroidered with the crest of the Bards' Guild 15,000   No
rugged brown tote embroidered with the crest of the Barbarians' Guild 15,000   No
On the adderwood table
Item Price Done
black and white cashmere tote with bright fuschia handles 15,000   !!
dusky blue sackcloth tote dotted with crawfish 15,000   !!
sassy twill tote emblazoned with a bright orange carrot 15,000   !!
lemony yellow lipka cotton tote painted with glitter-frosted donuts 60,000   !!
sleek tote emblazoned with a shimmery red kraken 30,000   !!
khaki brocatelle tote decorated with a large Gor'tog holding a togball 35,000   !!
striking mulberry gabardine tote decorated with bright green cacti 19,000   !!
muddy green marblesilk tote embellished with a fluffy alpaca 85,000   !!
cloudy grey jacquard tote patterned with black mustaches 15,000   !!
navy blue canvas tote embroidered with red lobsters 12,500   

Draw It Out

[The Book Wyrm, Draw It Out]
White paper lanterns dangle in the corners of this room, glowing slightly from the candles hidden within them. More candles illuminate a long counter that runs along one of the room's pale green walls, its surface covered in heaps of paper. A writing desk in the center of the room is arranged with colorful drawing and writing utensils, while a tall iron stand in the back corner is strewn with coveralls, overalls, and smocks.
You also see a dragonwood table neatly arranged with stationery kits with several things on it.
Obvious exits: north, south.

On the dragonwood counter
Item Price Done
sheet of cloud-hued paper displaying a dragon in flight 6,500   
wrinkled sheet of paper dyed smoky grey 6,250   No
shiny sheet of platinum paper 8,000   No
mossy green sheet of paper featuring a pudgy raccoon 7,500   No
crisp sheet of white paper edged in gold foil 9,000   No
pale sheet of paper stained in sanguine hues 7,000   No
speckled sheet of gloaming blue paper 9,000   
sheet of golden paper dusted with glitter 9,500   No
smooth sheet of black paper 8,000   No
snowy white sheet of paper adorned with silver musical notes 8,750   No
sheet of flame-hued paper 9,000   No
"These sheets can be PUSHed into the stackers from the next room to change the appearance of spell scrolls PULLed from them."
On the dragonwood table
Item Price Done
dinged and scuffed crafter's case carved from pine 15,000   
artist's portfolio painted cloudy white 35,000   No
polished painter's box molded from platinum 100,000   No
faded grey painter's kit affixed with heavy straps 26,000   
shrub-green painter's case etched with a sleeping raccoon 30,000   No
goldwood artisan's portfolio clasped with a palladium buckle 60,000   
darkspine artisan's box lined in sanguine velvet 150,000   No
gloaming violet crafter's box adorned with shimmering gems 50,000   
slim painter's portfolio crafted from white leather 30,000   No
artist's kit inlaid with black onyx chips 28,000   !!
solid silver artisan's case displaying sapphire musical notes 26,000   
etched crafter's kit painted flaming red 31,500   No
"These kits are designed to hold all manners of artistic supplies, please fill them with your favorite items!"
On the iron stand
Item Price Done
pair of stained laborer's overalls dyed mottled brown 19,500   
pair of cloud-colored overalls displaying crystal dragon buttons 35,000   
crisply pleated crafter's smock dyed platinum 30,000   
pair of fitted coveralls hued slate grey 28,000   
pair of tanned leather coveralls tooled with a rotund raccoon 31,000   
pair of charcoal mason's coveralls trimmed in gold 30,000   
red and black swirled mortician's smock 35,000   
dusk-hued artisan's overalls covered in stars 30,000   
white cotton painter's smock smeared with rainbow glitter 28,500   
knee-length black artist's smock 27,500   
pair of short-legged silver overalls with blue straps 29,000   !!
pair of oversized coveralls dyed flame-red 30,000   !!
On the writing desk
Item Price Done
hollow glass dip pen containing a crystal dragon 19,500   No
worn and cracked goose feather quill 15,500   No
engraved set of wax pencils 17,500   No
small set of black and grey shading pencils 19,500   No
octagonal oak stick with a sharp point 13,500   No
elegant dip pen crafted from swirled black gold 75,000   No
set of detail paintbrushes handled with darkspine 35,500   
trio of colored wax pencils capped with metallic moons 18,500   No
set of rainbow-hued pastels dappled with glitter 38,000   No
simply carved reed pen 14,000   No
fat dip pen shaped like a flame 20,500   No
set of wax pencils in shades of blue and silver 21,000   No

Pencil Me In

[The Book Wyrm, Pencil Me In]
Paper lanterns strung across the ceiling cast light across the small room, illuminating everything with a soft glow. Colorful bookcases line the walls, their shelves overladen with a disorganized assortment of books, journals, and folios. In the back corner is a winding staircase that leads up to a recessed space above.
You also see a winding staircase that leads up to a recessed loft space.
Obvious exits: south.

On the violet bookcase
Item Price Done
dirty brown booklet covered in frayed cotton 74,000   !!
faceted crystal-bound tome boasting a rainbow sapphire dragon 100,000   !!
ornately engraved platinum folio 90,000   !!
compact scroll folio shaded slate grey 71,500   
verdant booklet etched with a chunky raccoon 73,500   !!
black and gold swirled codex crafted from wood 80,000   !!
carmine codex featuring a stitched cover 75,000   !!
eventide-hued tome boldly painted with a star 78,000   !!
teeny white leather folio graced with a rainbow 79,000   !!
abyssal-black codex 74,000   !!
petite dark blue tome displaying silver hinges 75,000   !!
hefty booklet bound with wildfire-red leather 68,000   
"The items on this bookcase are designed to hold 20 spells and allow 10 copies of each."
On the orange bookcase
Item Price Done
silvery-blue dream journal bound in moonsilk 785,500   No
navigator's logbook embossed with a compass 787,500   No
debt collector's ledger marred with bloodstains 825,000   No
dusty brown explorer's journal filled with tattered pages 850,000   No
battered ledger stuffed with receipts of sale 795,500   No
thick recipe book splotched with flour smudges 785,000   
merchant's notebook titled "Be Audit You Can Be" 810,000   No
red book titled "Don't Dream It, Be It: Realizing your Dreams" 795,000   
blue journal titled "101 Things I Want To Do Before I Die" 780,000   No
pocket-sized book of poetry titled "Puns are Bad. Poetry is Verse." 800,000   No
"These books hold 10 pages of blank paper waiting to be filled with your thoughts and ideas."
On the fuchsia bookcase
Item Price Done
battered diary exhibiting mismatched pages 2,025,000   
shiny sketchbook boasting an array of crystal dragons 2,055,000   No
bulging journal with platinum-hued pages 2,045,000   No
leather journal dyed charcoal grey 2,025,000   !!
oversized diary painted with a nature scene 2,035,000   No
black-paged notebook featuring a goldwood cover 2,050,000   No
undersized sketchbook bound with darkspine 2,105,000   No
midnight-blue notebook displaying three moons on the cover 2,100,000   
spiritwood-bound journal of pure white 2,120,000   No
glossy black notebook 2,050,000   No
dark silver sketchbook etched with a musical note 2,035,000   No
pocket-sized diary covered in flame-red leather 2,035,000   No
"These books hold 25 pages of blank paper waiting to be filled with your thoughts and ideas."