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Tesera Abriyit
Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Langenfirth
Associates: Isleif
Relatives: Enaldar

Lady Tesera is betrothed to Lord Chamberlain Isleif Dunshade of Therengia. Her brother, Enaldar (deceased), was head of the Therengian Morzindu (Great House) Abriyit.


You see Lady Tesera Abriyit of Langenfirth, a Human.
Tesera has limpid amber eyes, a heart-shaped face and a ready smile. Her honey blonde hair falls just past her shoulders and as worn pulled back in a loose braid. She has fair skin with a smattering of freckles across her nose, and a lissome build.
She is fairly young for a Human.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing an elegant diamond necklace with a platinum true lover's knot clasp, a misty blue lambswool cape trimmed with soft white rabbit fur, a seafoam-blue watersilk pack laced with ivory silk cords, an elegant but understated gown of pale blue velvet trimmed with icy white lace, an intricately carved ivory bracelet, a platinum pinky signet ring adorned with the House Abriyit crest, some carved ivory prayer beads and a pair of dainty leather shoes tied with white silk ribbons.