Teleologic Sorcery research quest walkthrough

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Teleologic Sorcery magical research quest walkthrough

Research the newest unlocked research project after researching sorcery each day. CAST Gauge Flow to utilize Magical Research, then research each TOPIC.

On the next day the new option will not become available until after you research sorcery. You can see the next thing you should research with the command `research list`.

  • Between METAPHYSICS and CONCEPTS, I only waited 23 hours. If I have time I will try a shorter increment later.
  • Between CONCEPTS and LUCK I waited only 20 hours.

  1. DRINK the oshu'mary tea from the Dilapidated tea cart.
  2. RESEARCH Plane of Probability [PLANE] <duration>.
  3. Wait 24 rl hours.
  4. RESEARCH Sorcerous Research [SORCERY] <duration>.
  5. RESEARCH Web of Fate [WEB] <duration>.
  6. Wait 24 rl hours.
  7. RESEARCH Sorcerous Research [SORCERY] <duration>.
  8. RESEARCH Metaphysics of Name, Meaning, and Mind [METAPHYSICS] <duration>.
  9. Wait 24 rl hours.
  10. RESEARCH Sorcerous Research [SORCERY] <duration>.
  11. RESEARCH Living Concepts [CONCEPTS] <duration>.
  12. Wait 24 rl hours.
  13. RESEARCH Sorcerous Research [SORCERY] <duration>.
  14. RESEARCH Emanations of Luck and Prophecy [LUCK] <duration>.
  15. Wait 24 rl hours.
  16. RESEARCH Sorcerous Research [SORCERY] <duration>.
  17. RESEARCH Fate [FATE] <duration>.
  18. Wait 24 rl hours.
  19. RESEARCH Sorcerous Research [SORCERY] <duration>.
  20. RESEARCH Teleologic Sorcery [TELEOLOGIC] <duration>.
  21. Wait 24 rl hours.
  22. RESEARCH Sorcerous Research [SORCERY] <duration>.
  23. RESEARCH Applied Teleology: Saesordian Compass [SCO] <duration>.

[Upon successful completion of this research project, you are going to learn the Saesordian Compass spell at the cost of 2 slots. If it is not what you want, you should RESEARCH CANCEL.]