Tehya's Stitchery

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Tehya's Stitchery
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Hara'Jaal
Map Ranik's Map 106
Owner Tehya
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[The Enclave, Tehya's Stitchery]
No exclusive urban clothier, this shop is devoted to the taste of buccaneers and renegades both male and female. Bolts of bright cotton, patterned batiks, and exotic silks are piled in a glorious profusion in heavy oak cabinets lining the pale turquoise walls. The seamstress Tehya Garlane strides about the room, a length of scarlet homespun flung over one shoulder, flashing her brilliant smile and bantering with customers while adjusting the garments hung neatly on display. You also see a woven basket, a carved driftwood door, a driftwood rack with some stuff on it, some oak shelves with some stuff on it, a pine cabinet with some stuff on it, and an immaculate pine workbench.

On the pine cabinet
Item Price Done
Sunshine yellow skirt trimmed with rows of tiny white shells and showing a hint of embroidered petticoats 5,000   
Black broadcloth pants with a row of gold coins stitched up the side 7,500   
Black velveteen skirt tied with a white coral beaded sash and showing an edge of ivory lace petticoats at the hem 7,000   
Leather-laced canvas pants 2,000   No
Sunbleached linen trousers 5,000   
Gauzy white skirt trimmed with swirls of blue and gold ribbons and cinched with a gold-edged sash 8,000   
On the oak shelves
Item Price Done
Emerald-over-silver doublet with grey pearl buttons 9,000   
Scarlet-over-black doublet with gold lirum buttons 9,000   
Full-sleeved azure silk blouse with ivory scrimshaw buttons 4,000   
Gauzy silver blouse with etched pink coral buttons 6,000   
Sunbleached linen tunic with leather-wrapped buttons 900   
Mist grey broadcloth shirt with silver skull-and-crossbones buttons 8,000   
In the woven basket
Item Price Done
Black velvet slippers trimmed with grey pearls 8,000   
Black leather boots stitched with a row of gold coins up the sides 9,000   
Delicate leather sandals with narrow shell-trimmed straps 6,000   No
Tall brown leather boots with a large gold coin set in the heel 9,000   
On the driftwood rack
Item Price Done
Black leather vest embossed with stark white skulls 9,000   
Black and gold batik vest 800   
Crimson leather frontlaced bodice trimmed with black seed pearls 7,000   No
Softly clinging rose silk bodice trimmed with tiny engraved shells 8,000   
White canvas vest with onyx skull-and-crossbone buttons 8,000   No