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Learning Sorcery

Why am I learning sorcery on my level 1 cleric who's done nothing but cast MPP and focus on a runestone? Kashna April 17, 2016

Focusing on a runestone with a spell outside of your mana type (i.e. a runestone with a non-holy spell for a cleric) teaches both Arcana and Sorcery. See Sorcery skill#Training Sorcery or using a runestone. - padhg (talk) 16:40, 17 April 2016 (CDT)

High Sorcery and how the 3 magic primary guilds consider it,%20Skills%20and%20Magic/Responses%20to%20GM%60Official%20Announcements/thread/1846525?get_newest=true Just pasted here temporarily till someone can find an elegant way to incorporate it into the sorcery page:

Q: I remember reading awhile back on the forums that Hylomorphic and Antinomic sorceries wouldn't necessarily have the same mechanical penalties and/or the same IC ramifications as teleologic sorcery. Obviously they're all illegal and scary to the ignorant peasants but are they as taboo to the scholars of the WM and Cleric guilds as teleogic is to the MM guild (not counting Tezirites)?

A: "...Internally, the Moon Mage Guild is the laxest of the three.

The Warrior Mage Guild has been squashing any sorcerous spark in their ranks with an iron fist for a long time. They've got Grovekeepers responsible for the task.

The Cleric Guild... is yet mostly ignorant of the matter because the gods have been silent, and so it's in lockstep with the provincial powers. Records of "sorcerer-priests" have always been attributable to nothing more than Low Sorcery, but there are fresh rumors surrounding an event in modern history known as the Misenseor Tragedy..."


"...To elaborate a bit more:

The Moon Mage Guild's stance on general sorcery is essentially "don't ask don't tell." They'll turn on you if you make a public mess, but are tolerant enough that they even consider the Sorcery skill a qualification for advancement (most guilds do not).

It can be slightly more complex. The Moon Mages are twigged out by some specific sorceries, in particular necromancy and its aura of death-of-the-stars, and some sects are obviously more historically grounded in sorcery than other sects.

Taken together, Grejuva is absolutely correct to characterize it as the laxest of the three guilds. The Warrior Mages have both a vehicle for squashing sorcerers and a bad history surrounding it, and nothing screams a tendency towards orthodoxy like the High Temple..." MOTHRA (talk) 11:14, 15 June 2017 (CDT)

I would add it to the sorcery and society section myself. I was never happy with it anyway. The graphic should also be shrunk down so it is more aligned with the Sorcery and the gods section as well Ithrios (talk) 17:35, 15 June 2017 (CDT)


This backlash: The spell pattern resists the influx of <mana type> mana overloading your arcane senses in an torrent of uncontrolled power. Appears to give a 15% debuff. --KHELEK00 (talk) 22:00, 18 May 2018 (CDT)

To offer another data point: The spell pattern resists the influx of <mana type> mana overloading your arcane senses in an torrent of uncontrolled power.

Gave me close to 20% debuff on all magic skills -143 warding (at 700's warding), -40's sorcery (at 260-270 sorcery), and so on down the full Magic skillset. I was failing a lot of spell casts that used to be trivial to me.--BEYONDDISBELIEF (talk) 18:57, 17 August 2018 (CDT)

Just got hit by this again since the last message.


  • --184 Lunar Magic
  • --159 Attunement
  • --150 Arcana
  • --52 Targeted Magic
  • --117 Augmentation
  • --146 Debilitation
  • --137 Utility
  • --145 Warding
  • --50 Sorcery
    Lunar Magic:    924 44% clear          (0/34)      Attunement:    941 71% clear          (0/34)
         Arcana:    794 27% dabbling       (1/34)  Targeted Magic:    352 96% clear          (0/34)
   Augmentation:    690 66% clear          (0/34)    Debilitation:    770 32% clear          (0/34)
        Utility:    763 11% clear          (0/34)         Warding:    728 98% clear          (0/34)
        Sorcery:    297 40% mind lock     (34/34)       Astrology:    631 61% clear          (0/34)

--BEYONDDISBELIEF (talk) 11:10, 21 August 2018 (CDT)