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Pathways and spoilers

ok moved everything from here that wasn't spoiler to the main pathway page which i cleaned up. Barrage and pathway perceive now have their own entries with the spoilers still here and links from the pathway(non spoiler) page to their respective pages. -Powerhaus 10:26, 30 January 2009

Aethereal Pathways page

There is an Aethereal Pathways page that is currently empty, linked to from the WM page. I started filling it out when I found this page and realized a lot of what I was populating had already been done here. Should this page be moved to Aethereal Pathways, or should we split this up into two sections (this page for spoilers and walkthroughs, the other for general information and usage)? Regardless, I added a section on manipulative resolve and the strings one sees at various stages in the pool which definitely doesn't fit as a "walkthrough", but I don't want to go moving things around without bringing it up here first.

Also, if anybody knows what stats go into the size of your MR pool, feel free to add it to the MR subsection. I'm not sure so I didn't bring it up at all.

Yes, the plan was to split it in two, leaving the actual page clean of spoilers and walkthroughs while providing a link to them. Go ahead if you'd like to do it.
And remember to sign your comments in discussion pages. ;) --Aetherie 15:15, 6 December 2007 (CST)

See the discussion and my comments as to why this page was changed from the regular Aethereal Pathways. If we need to move it to something a little more descriptive like (Spoilers) or (Secrets) instead of Walkthroughs, we can. For now, keep ALL spoiler information to this page, not the general info Aethereal Pathways page.--Naeya (talk) 15:22, 6 December 2007 (CST)


I'd like to see this filled it out with the various strings for each element. I don't have any targetted earth, water or air spells so I can't find out.

Defense Pathway

It's new so I'm just gonna add hints til later, here's the walkthrough though. the lowest set of stairs has a set of stairs behind it turn irid dial, turn silver dial, push crystal. turn irid and silver dial off, turn red dial and blue dial on, push crystal. turn red and blue dial off, turn grey and translucent dial on, push crystal. turn grey and translucent dial off, turn red dial and translucent dial on, push crystal turn translucent and red dial off, turn blue dial and silver dial on, push crystal turn blue and silver dial off, turn iridescent and grey dial on, push crystal and the fun should start. Look or watch the creature, and apply the opposite element according, just like you did with the dials --Powerhaus 23 August 2008