Swithen's Court

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Swithen's Court
Location: Crossing, Zoluren (RanikMap1)
Class / Type: Lower, Middle / Urban
Restrictions: None
Justice: City
Form: Free
Homes (Free): 6 (0)
Last Checked: 19 May 2019

Swithen's Court is a quaint little two-block community in south-western Crossing. The neighborhood begins with an archaic little thatched house, reminiscent of the farmlands that once filled this thriving town. While this first block is a designated portion of the neighborhood, you won't find any housing here. The two homes in the Court can be found a scant block west. It is a narrow street that is indicative of rapid urbanization.


Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Swithen's Court - S1 Middle Class, Urban Thires thatched house enclosed within a verdant labyrinth of neatly trimmed boxwood
Swithen's Court - S2 Lower Class, Urban Horigan stacked stone house
Swithen's Court - S2 Lower Class, Urban Learia sun-bleached olivewood plank shanty
Swithen's Court - S2 Lower Class, Urban Yrak ivy-covered tenement by a clear blue pond framed by lush green reeds
Swithen's Court - S3 Lower Class, Urban Simas ash frame house
Swithen's Court - S3 Lower Class, Urban Mammonoch unremarkable shack