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Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Location: Mer'Kresh (Ranik Map 107)
Associates: Avant


Sttiejal has brown wavy hair, which is a tad unkept. He is wearing a loose maroon shirt with the cuffs rolled up a fold, a brown leather vest, and matching brown pants. The pants have large pockets which he can stick his arms almost up to his elbows. His face shows signs of age, but also seems to be to hold his age well. His brown eyes wander as if he were thinking of another time.

Conversation Topics

  • Penal Colony: "They have a hard lot of convicts there," says Sttiejal. "And it's a good place for them if you ask me."
  • Default:
Sttiejal says, "I am only a wanderer. I do not know what you are talking about."