Stone Bones

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Note: This shop is on the Street of Stoneworkers

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Stone Bones
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Magic shops, Moon Mage shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Stone Bones]
Several tables in this small shop contain a wide array of bones, some quite crude in their craftsmanship and clearly made of actual bones, while others exhibit a fine make and appear to be created of more coveted materials. A painting on the far wall, displaying a touch of elegance in the banal bustle of the merchant streets, illustrates a harsh western steppe. You also see a pink door.

On the Table
Item Price Done
Moon Mage Divination Bones
crude yeehar bones 11,087   !!
bones painted with tribal markings 11,087   !!
sandstone divination bones 11,087   !!
crimson-painted bones 11,087   !!
alabaster divination bones 11,087