Stawk's Brothers Mineral and Supply

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Stawk's Brothers Mineral and Supply
Province Forfedhdar
Town Hibarnhvidar
Map Ranik's Map 118
Owner Tawks
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Alchemy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Stawk's Brothers Mineral and Supply]
The entire room has been roughly chipped out of the surrounding stone. Crates and boxes are haphazardly strewn about with merchandise, while a single chunk of stone with a slightly flattened surface sits in the middle of the room, chained to the floor. An old corner table stands in the back of the cavern, covered with a thick layer of dust and carrying a lone item which apparently receives little attention from the local customers. Across from the exit into the upper cavern is a bolted iron door. You also see Tawks.

On the overturned crate
Item Price Done
granite mortar 451   
goldstone mortar 541   
rough stone mortar 405   
goldstone pestle 360   
large stone jar 451   
mixing stick 45   
granite pestle 270   
rough stone pestle 225   
On the overturned crate
Item Price Done
tukai stones - not for sale -   
dracon crystals - not for sale -   
On the chunk of stone
Item Price Done
rusty unlonchai bucket 2255   
On the corner table
Item Price Done
battered Wayerd pyramid 1984