Srenhaar's Silken Sands

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Srenhaar's Silken Sands
Province Therengia
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
Owner Srenhaar
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Housing shops, S'Kra Mur shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Srenhaar's Silken Sands]
Small, thick carpets intricately patterned across their length layer the sanded stone floor, their only common feature being their lush, velvety softness. In the middle of it all stands Srenhaar, who watches over his merchandise with a lordly air, planted opposite a curtained archway to the south leading to his workroom. You also see a barrel of dark grey metallic sand and Srenhaar.
Obvious exits: south, out.

[Srenhaar's Silken Sands, Workroom]
Rows of fine sandpits line the walls of Srenhaar's workroom, filled with luxurious sand in every imaginable color, from deep greens to the palest of whites. A rough table with three chairs arranged around it sits in the center of the area, a motley collection of expensive wood fragments scattered across its surface.
You also see Srenhaar's Assistant. Obvious exits: north.

Srenhaar's Silken Sands
Item Price Done
1. a polished ironwood-framed sandpit filled with powdered obsidian 300,000   
2. a deep-filled sandpit with a carved wooden frame 60,000   
3. a beech-framed sandpit filled with velvety shale sand 120,000   
4. a luxurious pine-framed sandpit filled with silky powdered limestone 150,000   
5. an almond-shaped sandpit filled with iridescent sand 140,000   
6. a dark-stained olivewood sandpit filled with powdered malachite 1,000,000   No
7. a rough branch-framed sandpit filled with coarse white sand 60,000   
8. a gracefully thin-framed sandpit filled with crushed coral sand 150,000   
9. a birch-framed sandpit filled with translucent quartz sand 90,000   
10. an ornate sandpit filled with crushed granite and flakes of rich silver 200,000   


  • This shop is on the Street of Stoneworkers