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The Morum Melgorehn quest was re-released during the 2020 Spring Promotion. It could be run by all paid subscribers for free.

All the incidental and end prizes were removed, replaced by two items: a commemorative medal and a siegery figurine.

End Loot

[Dzil'Tseyi, Nazleen]
Panels of dark volcanic glass polished to a mirror finish have been carefully set along the walls of this great chamber, capturing the reflections from countless torches burning with flames of violet, green, and scarlet. The very air is ablaze with a glory of color, but it cannot dim the brilliance of the treasures carefully arranged on sculpted tables of rose crystal.
You also see an obsidian gate and a narrow tunnel.
Obvious exits: none.

On the crystal table
Item Price Done
mottled leathern dragon medal 0   !!
inventor Melgorehn figurine wearing an overstuffed tool belt 0   !!