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The Spidersworn
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Type: alterer, shopowner

A group of Humans with rumored connections to the strange creatures known as wildling spiders.

During Hollow Eve, the Spidersworn have been known to bring an elder wildling spider to the festival to spin custom wildlace creations. As of Hollow Eve 439, they also alter living spider cloaks – see that page for details/rules.

They also own the shop Accents for the Arachnophile.


A trio, each person wears elaborate robes draped in swathes of colorful wildlace. Three false eyes are arranged on their foreheads, that -- combined with their own whiteless eyes -- lend them an inscrutable gaze. Most remarkable about them, however, is the fact that they seem to move completely in unison, even when making the slightest adjustments to their posture or footing.

Living Spider Cloak Alteration Rules

General Rules

Short Name

  • A [color] spidersilk cloak: Only the color can be altered, and it must be 15 characters or shorter (including spaces).
  • The adjective (spidersilk) and noun (cloak) cannot be changed.

Two Taps

Essentially, instead of a traditional tap and look, you get two taps. The cloak will switch to one of these taps when you interact with it in certain ways. (The spiders within the cloak may also switch to one of these taps on their own.) As with all items, each tap must be 80 characters or less and must adhere to our general alteration guidelines.

  • Each tap must be consistent with the base color you chose for the short name. (So if you have a sanguine spidersilk cloak, each tap must be a variation of a sanguine spidersilk cloak, though you can tweak the order of this wording if desired (for example, "a cloak of sanguine spidersilk".)
  • Because the cloak is created by the spiders, the material cannot be changed from spidersilk, and they cannot add additional materials to it. So your design should focus on color, pattern, and cut.
  • The clasp can be mentioned in the tap, but it needs to match the actual clasp attached to the cloak. (See below for clasp rules.)
  • The actual spiders that live in the cloak can be mentioned in either tap, but they must be tiny spiders (not a specific species of spider).

Look and Read

Due to how this item works, the look and the read cannot be altered.


  • A [metal] spider-shaped clasp: The metal must be 15 characters or shorter, and if it is a rare material, you must provide it.
  • The adjective (spider-shaped) and noun (clasp) cannot be changed.
  • The tap, look, and read can be altered if desired, but they must be consistent with its being a [metal] spider-shaped clasp. All other alteration rules apply.


  • a haematic spidersilk cloak
  • tap 1: a stately cloak of shadowy haematic spidersilk scattered with tiny spiders
  • tap 2: a cobweb-draped cloak of haematic spidersilk encased in opalescent webbing
  • clasp: a diacan spider-shaped clasp

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