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ItemSource isRarity is
Bronze throwing daggerTobb's Smithy (obsolete)
Burnished platinum ring set with a cabochon amethyst heartPaper Lion Moveable FeastDusktide RisingDusk-winged DuckDark Nighttrawler
Cambrinth plume feather inset with lapis lazuli and onyxCleric Shop (Muspar'i)
Carved lapis lazuli pendant of a dwarven battle axe
Carved lapis lazuli that resembles XibarQuest for Kanton's Dagger
Celadon linen shirt with lapis lazuli buttonsDress for Success (2) Dress for Success (1)festival
Ceremonial war shield embellished with lapis lazuli and onyxFit for a Baron, Fit for a Baron
Chased silver knotwork torque terminated with lapis lazuli spheresRuins of Ulf'Hara/Supply Wagon Ruins of Ulf'Hara/Incidental lootReturn to the Keep 423/Supply WagonReturn to the Keep 423/Incidental loot
Cleric lazuliItem:Weathered ilomba chest with vardite hinges
Colorful peacock brooch with sapphire-inlaid golden tail feathersLooty Booty (2) Looty Booty (1)festival