Soothsayer's Hut

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Soothsayer's Hut
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Map Ranik's Map 60
Owner Berdachun
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Alchemy shops, Miscellaneous shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Berdachun's Hut]
Faded paint chips lie in a heap amidst the clutter of dust and other fallen objects in the corner of the musty hut. The floor lists precariously where one of the giant bird legs supporting the hut has settled into the ground outside, making the shelf which hangs upon the wall look distinctly lop-sided. A shallow rack holds various cleaning supplies and other tools, while a door in the back of the room leads to a small pantry. You also see a rusted iron cauldron.

On the lindwood shelf
Item Price Done
Encrusted basalt mortar 1,500   
Stained basalt pestle 1,000   
Rotting boar stomach tied into a makeshift pouch 500   !!
Rotting canvas backpack 1,250   !!
Tattered burlap bag marked "Majikul Supplize" 625   !!
Cloudy glass vial with a tattered paper label 1,000   !!
On the shallow rack
Item Price Done
Bloodstained carving knife 500   
Twisted ceremonial dagger 4,000   
Tattered broom 500   
Gnarled ironwood staff 2,000   

[Berdachun's Hut, Pantry]
A cobweb quivers in the breeze of your passing, pale grey lace strung along the inner corner of the doorway. The pantry is small and stuffy with a dust-covered floor displaying tiny clawed footprints of chickens or some other bird. A shelf has been nailed to the exposed studs of the wall -- the wood cracked and broken from many years use. Jumbled together upon the shelf is an assortment of supplies used by the seer in his divinations.

On the wooden shelf
Item Price Done
Powdered cobwebs 300   !!
Wriggling brown worms 200   !!
Toad spit 500   !!
Pickled goblin eyes 1,000   !!
Fatty congealed stew 125   !!
Troll blood 1,000   !!
Honey-dipped garlic 400   !!
Dragonfly wings 600   !!
Dried rabbit ears 400   !!