Smokethi's Face Painting

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Smokethi's Face Painting
Province Therengia
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
Owner Smokethi
# of Rooms N/A
Store Type Face paint shops, Cosmetics shops
This store only accepts Lirums

Smokethi wanders the streets of Muspar'i.

[Facepainter Smokethi]
The facepainter Smokethi is a young woman with bright golden scales and intense violet eyes that almost seem to glow. With almost her entire body covered by a rainbow-colored robe, she still manages to display an amazing amount of jewelry, from tailbands, pendants, and rings to bracelets, armlets, and belt ornaments. She carries around a lovely oak palette and a narrow brush, offering to decorate the faces of passersby. Perhaps if you ask her about paints, she'll gift you with her services.

The facepainter Smokethi nods and says, "Yes, I paint faces, ladies and gentlemen alike. I can paint your face in any of the following patterns:

ask smokethi about face painting
Item Price Done
1 - a jade dragon across your forehead 2000   No
2 - vibrant green palm leaves 1000   No
3 - blue musical notes running diagonally across your face 1500   No
4 - a rolled-up yellow scroll across the right half of your face 1600   No
5 - a twining desert rose across the left half of your face 1500   No
6 - a curved silvery sword across the right half of your face 1700   No
7 - gold and platinum lirums 2200   No
8 - brown cinnamon sticks around your eyes 1300   No

[If you wish to order something, just ORDER # FROM SMOKETHI]