Droughtman's Challenge 426

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Droughtman's Challenge.jpg

Opening and Closing Dates

Access for the challenge costs 100 SimuCoins each.

Instance Opens Closes Box Office
Prime January 19 January 28
Plat January 19 January 28


Email Teasers

Droughtman's Maze Rules

Find the key to the arch at the center of the maze and escape in five minutes.

  • PULL ropes found in the maze and be rewarded with a golden key, platinum lirums, or a trap.
  • PULL colored levers to open and close matching doors.
  • The golden arch to exit is behind the white door.


You will be given a backpack with an icy blue wand random herbs, armors, and weapons.

  • SHAKE your wand for to make it work as a light source
  • SEARCH your wand to get hints to where the white door is, or where someone with a golden key is located
  • WAVE your wand at other players or NPCs to temporarily immobilize them.
  • While in the first room, the Contestant's Box, after roughly five minutes you will be told to enter the maze, or it will remove you to the exit with a runner's package as if you had run the maze.
  • There can be more than one golden key in the maze at a time. (May be a bug.)
  • Once a player goes through the white door, it will close and need to be opened again.


Everyone who participates will be rewarded with a runner's package that contains 5 Droughtman's indicia, 1-2 gold, and a prize from the incidental loot pool. If you pass the golden arch, you will also be able to get a prize box that contains an extra reward from the incidental loot pool.

Incidental Loot

See Droughtman's Challenge 426/Incidental loot.

End Loot

See Droughtman's Challenge 426/End loot for prizes and prices.