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Smite draws upon either the conviction or raw spiritual might of the Paladin to perform a powerful strike that can sunder a foe if used properly. It is an innate ability of all Paladins and the first means a novice Paladin has of exercising the strength of their spirit.

Each smite is fueled either by your conviction or your soul pool. You gain a number of "free smites" based on your Conviction skill, which is used before any other cost is applied. Once you are out of Conviction-based strikes, further smites draw upon your soul pool. You may only convert your soul pool to smites if you have at least a nominally healthy soul.

Smites are more accurate, hit harder than normal attacks, and are always blessed. The potency of the smite's bonuses depend on both your Conviction and your Charisma.


  • SMITE <STYLE> <TARGET> -- Perform a smite, for example SMITE CHOP GOBLIN. Like most attacks, smite will attempt to default intelligently if the style or target is left out of the command.
  • SMITE CHECK -- View the status of your Conviction strikes.


Using a smite in combat trains the Conviction skill. The ability has no cooldown (other than RT and the number of smites your ranks and soul pool allow). However, you will only be granted experience for one smite every 60 seconds.

Conviction Smites

Paladins have a number of "free smites" that don't draw from their soul pools. The number of free smites increases as the Paladin gains ranks in Conviction. (SMITE CHECK allows you to see how many free strikes you have left.)

Ranks Strikes
0 2
25 3
75 4
150 5
250 6
400 7
700 8

When you are using a free smite, the attack messaging is:

Drawing strength from your conviction, you execute a divinely inspired strike!

Conviction smites regenerate at the rate of one per minute. When your free smite pool is full, you will see the messaging:

The strength of your conviction has fully returned.

Soul Pool Smites

If you smite while you have no remaining free smites, it will draw from your soul pool:

Drawing upon holy wrath, you execute a divinely inspired strike!

You may only convert your soul pool to smites if you have at least a nominally healthy soul.