Smavold's Toggery

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Smavold's Toggery
Province Forfedhdar
Town Hibarnhvidar
Map Ranik's Map 116
Owner Smavold
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Miscellaneous shops, Gor'Tog shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Smavold's Toggery]
The heavy treads of many Gor'Tog customers have worn down the well-swept flagstone floor. The same stone creates the walls, leading to a thatched roof. Torches line the walls, illuminating the shop. Several shelves adorn the walls, leading to what seems to be the sales counter. The shopkeeper, Smavold, rests upon a stool, keeping an eye on his goods. You also see Smavold, a battered oak chest, a wicker basket, and a wooden pedestal with some stuff on it.

On the shelves
Item Price Done
burlap hip pouch stitched with the image of a Gor'Tog eating a bar of soap 500   !!
thick-soled leather sandals with silk thongs 500   
brown yeehar-hide sandals with rawhide straps 600   No
grey satin slippers with a black fleece lining 600   
plush black wool slippers with a thin kidskin soles 500   !!
pair of woven reed sandals with a braided vine straps 400   
open-necked green silk shirt with polished silver buttons 992   
deep purple cotton shirt with billowing sleeves 800   !!
white velvet robe lined and cuffed in brown silk 1,894   !!
drab mustard robe of heavy linen 1,623   !!
sumptuous golden silk robe embellished with rust-hued embroidery 2,074   !!
navy blue silk robes with a white trim 1,984   !!
long white tunic trimmed with small navy blue waves 700   
On the sales counter
Item Price Done
small tin of scalp wax 300   
vat of scalp wax 1,000   !!
jar of scalp wax 700   
In the battered oak chest
Item Price Done
embroidered scroll-patterned towel 451   
fluffy white towel 451   
crude multi-colored towel 451   !!
large white cotton towel 451   
long brown and green striped towel 451   
plush blue towel embroidered with the image of a duck 451   !!
In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
green soap 800   
tawny yellow soap 800   
puce soap 800   
bar of grey soap 800   
vermillion soap 800   
white soap 500   
On the wooden pedestal
Item Price Done
wooden toothpicks 54   
A note reads:
The note reads, They fer yer chompers. Not Smavold's fault if ya get 'em in yer eyes.