Simply Souvenirs

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Simply Souvenirs
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1c
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Jewelry shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Simply Souvenirs, Lobby]
The lobby is wide open and welcoming without any clutter, with carpeted runners leading off to the different parts of the store. Prisms of all shapes and sizes hang from the ceiling, catching the light filtering in from the hexagonal window, causing tiny rainbows to dance across the walls.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest, out.

[Simply Souvenirs, Plush Presents]
A huge comical plush tree stands in the middle of the room, with a big goofy face painted on its front. Its branches completely cover the ceiling, with long strips of green cloth hanging down like weeping leaves. A round wooden counter painted to resemble a short stone wall encircles the soft tree. You also see a blanket rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast.

On the blanket rack
Item Price Done
rose-patterned blanket - A tag sewn to the blanket reads, "Property of Rosealea's Inn." 2,500   
soft colorful quilt embroidered with the detailed image of a carousel horse - Golden thread has been used to pick out the pole of the horse. 3,750   
puffy quilt covered with images of puppets 6,250   
On the wooden counter - Pillows
Item Price Done
miniature tree-shaped pillow - A goofy grin has been embroidered on the front of the tree in thick black thread, while short strips of cloth in various shades of green have been attached forming leaves. 2,516   No
silvery castle pillow - The entire castle is made from a soft, silvery material, except for the drawbridge, which is made from a stiff brown felt and attached by a chain of tiny black cord loops. 2,635   
silvery knight pillow - Silvery material has been sewn to the bold knight, making a surprisingly realistic set of armor. 3,021   No
black knight pillow - Deep black felt has been sewn to the knight, a poor excuse at an attempt to dress the pillow in a suit of armor. 2,636   
glowering cyclops pillow - Clothed in a tiny patchwork felt loincloth, the cyclops is a relatively good replica of its giant counterpart. Its single, bloodshot eye, which consumes most of its forehead, is sewn to look like it is squinting menacingly. 3,142   No
scaly dragon pillow - Smooth, iridescent green material has been cut to make individual scales which then were painstakingly sewn to the pillow to make it quite detailed indeed. Two deep black onyx beads have been sewn to the pointed head, forming eyes. 3,506   No
large snowbeast pillow - Shaggy white material has been used on the entire snowbeast, making it look like a giant puffball. 2,628   No
soft goblin pillow - Bumpy green felt dyed with varying shades has been used to craft this small pillow. 2,642   No
frowning ogre pillow - Thick layers of felt have been sewn together and used to make a stiff skin for the ogre pillow. 2,622   No
scorched fire sprite pillow - Scorched blackened material covers the entire pillow from head to toe, making it look like it was caught in a fire at some point. 2,520   No

[Simply Souvenirs, Random Rarities]
Far from the sounds of the busy pier, this room is cozy and comfortably furnished. A playfully carved archway, depicting cartwheeling clowns is set in the south wall, with a thick felt curtain covering its contents. Along the opposite wall stands a line of chairs, mismatched but all focused on the same point, a tall cushioned pedestal in the center of the room.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

On the cushioned pedestal
Item Price Done
clear crystal cylinder with an embossed silvery base 31,250   No

[Simply Souvenirs, Amazing Accessories]
Knick-knacks and trinkets are placed all over the room, giving it a closed-in, cluttered feel. A wide rack hangs on one wall, elegantly displaying a number of finely crafted fans that are for sale. Next to the rack stands a tall fanciful tree made from glass, holding various accessories.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

On the fan rack
Item Price Done
elegant lace fan dotted with tiny silk roses 1,875   No
fine satin fan with carousel horse appliques 1,562   No
ragged dirt-stained fan 312   No
silken fan embroidered with colorful lanterns 1,500   No
parchment fan with glittery golden lemons 1,125   No
On the jewelry tree
Item Price Done
slender necklace of tiny glass beads 1,000   No
black cord bracelet strung with skull-shaped beads 1,112   No
colorful metallic diamond-cut ring 675   No
cut crystal castle suspended from a multihued silk cord 1,375   No
golden lemon-shaped earrings 500   No
red enameled apple pin with a tiny emerald chip leaf 937   No
brushed silver bracelet with multi-colored gemstone carousel horse charms 3,750   
twisted leather anklet 500   No
miniature brass ring 675   No