Silver Simplicity

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Silver Simplicity
Province Therengia
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Housing shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Lirums

[Silver Simplicity, Shop Interior]
Bright sunlight from the open door shines where it touches the silver wares inside this shop. Silver plaques crowd one another as they perch on mottled grey stone shelves lining the walls, each silently vying for attention as they stand among fellows of myriad shapes and sizes. A counter of the same stone divides the room near the far wall, preventing the casual peruser from reaching the more delicate wares beyond.
You also see a steep iron staircase on the far side of the counter and an elderly S'Kra man that is sitting.
Obvious exits: none.

On the stone shelves
Item Price Done
burnished silver plaque engraved with a magnificent phoenix 64,000   
delicate silver plaque engraved with a bubbling fountain 64,000   
diamond-shaped silver plaque engraved with a pastoral scene 64,000   
elaborately engraved silver plaque portraying a library scene 64,000   
fine silver plaque engraved with intertwining morning glory vines 64,000   
oval-shaped silver plaque engraved with roses and blackberries 64,000   !!
polished silver plaque engraved with a graceful heron 64,000   
polished silver plaque engraved with roses and blackberries 64,000   
round silver plaque engraved with a peaceful oasis 64,000   !!
simple silver plaque engraved with blooming flowers 64,000   
small silver plaque bearing an engraved desert scene 64,000   
tall silver plaque engraved with a flowing waterfall 64,000   
triangular silver plaque engraved with a blooming water lily 64,000   !!
rotating stock

Upstairs Loft

[Silver Simplicity, Loft]
High, arched ceilings and wide casement windows fill this room with light during the warm hours of day. Pale blue and green carpets woven with ivory geometric designs cover the cool tiled floors, providing the room's only color to combat the harsh whiteness of the plaster walls and furnishings. Costly birch cabinets line the free walls, their doors lined with fine mesh screens that shine softly when touched by light. You also see a young S'Kra woman that is sitting and a steep iron staircase.

>climb stair A young apprentice stops you as you approach the staircase. "My apologiesss," he says, "but only Essstate Holdersss are permitted to perussse the more delicate waresss available in the ressst of the ssshop."

In the birch cabinet
Item Price Done
tiny silver apple with a brightly polished finish 6,400   !!
tiny silver bundle of herbs tied with a golden ribbon 6,400   No
tiny silver bundle of lavender tied with grey-green ribbons 6,400   !!
tiny silver desert rose with delicately ruffled petals 6,400   !!
tiny silver flame rose tied with vibrant scarlet ribbons 6,400   !!
tiny silver hemlock blossom tied with white lace ribbons 6,400   !!
tiny silver honeysuckle branch bearing myriad cornet-shaped blooms 6,400   
tiny silver iris tied with ombre ribbons fading from a pale lavender to deep blue 6,400   !!
tiny silver ivy leaf bearing a tracery of polished veins 6,400   !!
tiny silver jadice flower on a bed of delicately etched leaves 6,400   !!
tiny silver monkshood bloom tied with bright lavender ribbons 6,400   !!
tiny silver narcissus with a long stem and sword-shaped leaves 6,400   
tiny silver nightshade flower tied with rich violet ribbons 6,400   !!
tiny silver oak leaf wrapped around an acorn 6,400   
tiny silver pine cone resting upon a cluster of pine needles 6,400   
tiny silver sirese blossom tied with pale blue ribbons 6,400   
tiny silver snapdragon tied with long magenta ribbons 6,400   !!
tiny silver starfruit cut in half to reveal the seeds within 6,400   
tiny silver tiger lily whose petals are mottled with brass 6,400   
tiny silver water lily with delicately frosted petals 6,400   
tiny silver wild rose cradled on a bed of delicate saw-edged leaves 6,400   
rotating stock
In the shallow drawer
Item Price Done
delicate silver bell forged in the semblance of a blooming tiger lily 18,000   
delicate silver bell crafted to resemble a blooming daffodil 18,000   
delicate silver bell in the shape of a blooming tulip 18,000