Shop of Horrors

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Shop of Horrors
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1c
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Food shops, Trinket shops, Weapon shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Shop of Horrors, Outer Chamber]
Rotted boards forming the walls are roughly thrown together, leaving splits large enough to reach into in some places. Shadows obscure a shelf along the back wall, while on the side wall something heavy dangles from a hook. A smoky lantern hangs from a pole in the center of the room, the only source of illumination. You also see a creaky door, a wobbly cart with some stuff on it, a worm-eaten sideboard with some stuff on it, and a crooked arch.

On the wobbly cart
Item Price Done
Bobbing eyeballs in thick red punch 0   No
Flat champagne 0   No
Soggy grapes floating in tepid orange brandy 0   No
Stinkweed mead 0   No
Brown prune grog 0   No
Silver leech wine 0   No
On the worm-eaten sideboard
Item Price Done
Crunchy black beetle tarts 0   No
Curdled lemon meringues 0   No
Steamed worms in cold cream sauce 0   No
Undercooked chicken breasts floating in thick red liquid 0   No
Loaves of stale sourdough bread 0   No
Lard-smeared ham studded with ants 0   No
Oily slices of leucro brisket 0   No
Rancid trollkin ribs 0   No
Freshly roasted slugs 0   No
Spoiled potato salad 0   No
On the hook
Item Price Done
Grinning wax skull 5,000   

[Shop of Horrors, Inner Sanctum]
A thick cobweb covers the one small window, tiny trapped bodies in neatly wrapped packages here and there in its strands. A shadowed figure lurks in the corner, larger than the rest, its eyes reflecting in the lantern-light. An assortment of dark silhouettes rests on a rickety shelf, a crumbling display case squatting under it. Remnants of carpeting lump under a lopsided table in one corner, the goods on it tilting sideways as if trying to hang onto the surface. You also see a crooked arch.

On the rickety shelf
Item Price Done
Grinning skeleton doll 3,750   
Wide-eyed phantom doll 3,750   No
Wicked death spirit doll 3,750   No
Ochre-green ghoul doll 3,750   No
Stark white ghost doll 3,750   No
Sneering spectre doll 3,750   No
On the lopsided table
Item Price Done
Fat dung beetle pin 1,250   No
Shiny black beetle pin 2,500   No
Shiny gold beetle pin 5,000   No
Shiny silver beetle pin 3,750   No
Long blue centipede pin 5,000   No
Fuzzy-legged mosquito pin 5,000   No
On the display case
Item Price Done
Lovely red rose 6,250   

[Shop of Horrors, Drowned Cellar]
The sound of lapping water reverberates against the distorted walls that seem to melt into the water around your legs, but on second glance it's only the noxious slime dripping down its surface and into the fetid liquid. Mold covers everything else, including the hole-riddled ladder missing several rungs in one corner. You also see a disintegrating shelf with some stuff on it and a warped case with some stuff on it.

On the disintegrating shelf
Item Price Done
Jade-inlaid machete with a frayed leather handle 15,000   
Onyx-inlaid broadsword with a worn leather grip 27,500   !!
On the warped case
Item Price Done
Crooked war mattock with a ripped leather grip 31,250   !!
Dull silver-plated hammer with a scarred leather grip 18,750   !!