Sheds and Shacks

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Sheds and Shacks
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Aesry Surlaenis'a
Map Ranik's Map 98
Owner Carmsan
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Sheds and Shacks]
The small building is crammed with a variety of new and used building materials, but most of it looks scavenged at best. There is hardly room to turn around, much less closely examine anything, but the merchant is delighted to see any potential customer and eagerly awaits an order. You also see scavenger Carmsan.
Obvious exits: out.

*This shop caters to lower class rural freestanding homes.

Order the type first, then other options. The merchant will make changes to a model in the store. When you are satisfied with how the model looks, type ORDER CONFIRM and the same changes will be made to your home. You may make changes as many times as you like.

Item Price Done
1. hut -   
2. hutch -   
3. shed -   
4. bothy -   
5. lean-to -   
6. shelter -   
Item Price Done
pine-shingled 5,200   
fir-shingled 5,200   
pine-trimmed 5,200   
fir-trimmed 5,200   
pine branch 5,100   
fir branch 5,100   
birch branch 5,100   
poplar branch 5,100   
pine log 6,500   
fir log 6,500   
birch log 6,500   
olive log 6,700   
stacked stone 6,000   
fieldstone 6,000   
dried clay 5,000   
dried mud 5,050   
mud brick 5,200   
dried grass 5,000   
wattle and daub 5,100   
woven grass 5,000   
Note: To make a selection ORDER TYPE #

Item Price Done
a -   
a small -   
a little -   
a broken-down -   
a seedy-looking -   
a crumbling -   
a rough-cut -   
a petite -   
a ramshackle -   
a shabby -   
a dilapidated -   
a splintery -   
a rotting -   
a sun-bleached -   
a squalid -   
a tiny -   
a moss-covered -   
a sagging -   
a fissured -   
a tumble-down -   
an old -   
a black -   
a grey -   
a brown -   
a red -   
a sagging -   
a drooping -   
a mangy -   
a shabby -   
a thatched -