Shard Acolyte

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An Acolyte
Province Ilithi
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67d
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cleric shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Temple of Darkness, Be'ort's Alcove]
Unnerving silence fills this small and mostly unextraordinary alcove. The only point of interest here is the statue of Be'ort that huddles in the back. You also see an acolyte.
Obvious exits: northwest.

A slight, young Dwarf looks back at you with a calm manner and a deadly serious face. She is dressed in a dark robe, and an emblem of a coyote hangs around her neck. When she speaks, she speaks slowly and clearly, and watches you intently.

The acolyte shows a slight smile and nods. "If you ever need a divorce, those seeking one must purchase one of these blades in order to have Be'ort hear their plea and grant it. If you are lucky, perhaps you will never need seek me out for that." The acolyte pauses and then scoffs, "If you are thinking of divorce already, perhaps you should rethink the marrying part."

The acolyte will not sell you a blade unless you are already bonded:

The acolyte looks at you strangely. "Are you married? Only married people have any use for an instrument of divorce."

The acolyte smiles and says, "The Be'ort Tear Rose, you need to go to other clerics for that."

Ask the acolyte about BLADE to purchase a crystal Be'ort scission blade

Item Price Done
Crystal Be'ort scission blade 121,000