Saralt Kaste

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This shop was updated on 4/25/2016. For the obsolete version, see Saralt Kaste (Obsolete).

Saralt Kaste
Province Therengia
Town Siksraja
Map Ranik's Map 149
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Siksraja, Saralt Kaste]
Cinnamon and fresh bread scent the air so heavily that some customers seem to have difficulty remembering what they came to purchase. Tilted racks line the wall behind the counter, displaying the current items for sale. Only the freshest goods will do for Siksraja and the baker can be heard through swinging half-doors, giving orders in the kitchen to his staff. You also see a bread rack with several things on it, a doughnut rack with a couple of things on it, a cookie rack with a few things on it and a pastry rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

On the bread rack
Item Price Done
slice of fresh bread topped with soft cheese and pickled peppers 15   !!
pocket of brown bread filled with minced lamb and peas 30   No
glazed raisin roll with sweet cinnamon swirls 13   No
sugar-topped butter roll 10   !!
rounded loaf of bread filled with a spicy cheese and herb mixture 30   No
slice of buttery bread spread with a warm apple and walnut paste 15   No
garlicky dinner roll 10   No
herbed popover 12   No
soft pocket of bread stuffed with heavily spiced potatoes and onions 30   No
On the doughnut rack
Item Price Done
fried apple fritter dusted with cinnamon and sugar 12   No
honey-dipped fry cake sprinkled with crushed pecans 10   No
apple toffee doughnut 11   No
sugar-dusted cinnamon doughnut 10   No
spiced taffelberry bun slathered in creamy frosting 10   No
On the cookie rack
Item Price Done
crisp cinnamon cookie topped with a mixture of honey and almonds 15   No
double-chocolate cookie 12   No
shortbread cookie filled with spiced fig jam 12   No
apple-streusel cookie 14   No
gingersnap cookie 11   
oatmeal cookie studded with fratvarit-soaked raisins 15   No
On the pastry rack
Item Price Done
slice of dark chocolate cake layered with cinnamon-almond frosting 24   No
gooey cinnamon-apple torte decorated with sugared dates 20   No
a slice of strawberry cake imbued with sweet cardamom cream 18   No
chocolate tart topped with strips of candied hot pepper 18   No
honeyed herb pastry 15   
sweet carrot cupcake drizzled with nutmeg-laced sugar glaze 16   No
decadent lemon and gaisroka tart infused with vanilla liqueur 25   No