Sandcastle Cove

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Sandcastle Cove
Location: Riverhaven, Therengia (RanikMap30)
Class / Type: Lower, Middle / Rural
Restrictions: None
Justice: None
Form: Door, Free
Homes (Free): 8 (2)
Last Checked: 6 August 2019

Sandcastle Cove.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Sandy Path - 1 Middle Class, Rural Abathur honey-colored stacked stone cottage
The Castle - 2 Middle Class, Rural Argentocoxa a cedar-trimmed grey fieldstone house with scarlet-streaked white roses twining over a lattice arch outside the door
Granite Wall - 3 Lower Class, Rural Unclaimed sun-bleached fir branch hut
Among The Dunes - 4 Lower Class, Rural Wuulf little woven grass hut with a profusion of foxweed overgrowing the yard with countless lemon-scented white flowers
Among The Dunes - 5 Lower Class, Rural Unclaimed dappled beech door
Among The Dunes - 6 Lower Class, Rural Korhege pine branch shed with a verdigris copper peccary weathervane atop the roof
Faldesu Riverbank - 7 Lower Class, Rural Hhshwe moss-covered fieldstone hut with a crumbling brick chimney visible over the roof
Faldesu Riverbank - 8 Lower Class, Rural Tearlyn woven grass hut