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A safe room is a room in which offensive actions cannot be taken against other players. Typically in safe rooms, players are also safe from attack by critters; however this is not always accurate, as some critters can fire into the safe room from surrounding areas, and GMPCs can kill in safe rooms.

Temporary safe rooms can be created with the Paladin spell Banner of Truce. These are not true safe rooms, however, due to different functionality (in a true safe room the room itself is flagged as no-violence, in a banner room the players are "calmed" automatically).

What doesn't work

  • Offensive attacks
  • Offensive magic
  • Aiming (with ranged weapons)


  • "There is no need for violence here"


  • Players can be dragged out of a safe room, unless their avoids are set to disallow dragging.
  • Moon Mages with knowledge of the Seers Sense spell can cast it on a target in a safe room. They can then cast Riftal Summons to remove the player from the safe room. Note, however, that some safe rooms are no-teleport flagged, meaning that this will not work.

List of safe rooms


  • Crossing Empaths Guild
  • Bank Lobby
  • Outside the doors of the Crossing War Mage Guild. (no-teleport)