S'zella's Square Vendors

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Note: These 4 Refreshment Stands are on S'zella's Square
A sign reads: Welcome to our fair city! All vendor foods are paid for by the Great King Arhhdan, so enjoy our delicacies at your leisure!

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S'zella's Square Vendors
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums
Northeast Corner Refreshment Stand
Item Price Done
bowl of stewed prickly pears 0   !!
lime and hhyssk'et squeeze 0   !!
par'i dumplings with a pineapple sauce 0   
glass of cool cactus tea 0   !!
spiced hhyssk'et chai 0   !!
mug of honey pear mead 0   
Northwest Corner Soup Stand
Item Price Done
bowl of cubed iroepi root in a piquant citrus dressing 0   !!
bowl of three brothers stew with a par'i dumpling 0   !!
bowl of chilled tomato soup with a dollop of parsley cream 0   !!
bowl of roasted red bell pepper soup 0   !!
Southwest Corner Vendor Cart
Item Price Done
hhyssk'et jelly pinwheels 0   
fresh baked hhr'pao 0   !!
stone-fried cactus blossoms 0   !!
slices of spring melon drizzled with an onion marmalade 0   
spidercake with a cucumber and sour milk dressing 0   !!
pickled garlic 0   !!
fire-roasted sand prawns in an herb-butter sauce 0   !!

Southeast Corner Meat Cart
Item Price Done
fire-roasted rack of yeehar basted with hhyssk'et marmalade 0   !!
highly-spiced tenderloin with an avocado and orange salsa 0   !!
sugar-cured roast duck with a raspberry and hhyssk'et sauce 0   !!
corn husks stuffed with a cold minced chicken and tomato salad 0   !!
cherry-red hhyssk'et stuffed with honey-sweetened mincemeat 0   !!
coffee-marinated filet of yeehar in a chilled marrow aspic 0   !!