S'zella's Square Vendors

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Note: These 4 Refreshment Stands are on S'zella's Square
A sign reads: Welcome to our fair city! All vendor foods are paid for by the Great King Arhhdan, so enjoy our delicacies at your leisure!

S'zella's Square Vendors
Province Therengia
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums
Northeast Corner Refreshment Stand
Item Price Done
bowl of stewed prickly pears 0   
lime and hhyssk'et squeeze 0   
par'i dumplings with a pineapple sauce 0   
glass of cool cactus tea 0   
spiced hhyssk'et chai 0   
mug of honey pear mead 0   
Northwest Corner Soup Stand
Item Price Done
bowl of cubed iroepi root in a piquant citrus dressing 0   
bowl of three brothers stew with a par'i dumpling 0   
bowl of chilled tomato soup with a dollop of parsley cream 0   
bowl of roasted red bell pepper soup 0   
Southwest Corner Vendor Cart
Item Price Done
hhyssk'et jelly pinwheels 0   
fresh baked hhr'pao 0   
stone-fried cactus blossoms 0   
slices of spring melon drizzled with an onion marmalade 0   
spidercake with a cucumber and sour milk dressing 0   
pickled garlic 0   
fire-roasted sand prawns in an herb-butter sauce 0   

Southeast Corner Meat Cart
Item Price Done
fire-roasted rack of yeehar basted with hhyssk'et marmalade 0   
highly-spiced tenderloin with an avocado and orange salsa 0   
sugar-cured roast duck with a raspberry and hhyssk'et sauce 0   
corn husks stuffed with a cold minced chicken and tomato salad 0   
cherry-red hhyssk'et stuffed with honey-sweetened mincemeat 0   
coffee-marinated filet of yeehar in a chilled marrow aspic 0