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Rifflers are crafting tools used in stonecarving.

See Crafting Tools for details.

Creation and Repair

Rifflers can be created using forging techniques that fall under the Blacksmithing discipline.

Likewise, their repair falls under the same skills, with standard processes for metal tool repair.


Rifflers use material hardness to derive their effectiveness.

  Durability Cap Speed Cap
Type Difficulty Weight Durability Speed Durability Speed
square <metal> rifflers 4 - simple 8 x density 10 - a bit safeguarded 4 - not very effective 8 - marginally vulnerable 5 - not very effective
squat <metal> rifflers 5 - basic 8 x density 7 - appreciably 5 - sort of effective 1 - extremely weak 7 - rather effective
curved <metal> rifflers 7 - challenging 8 x density 12 - quite guarded 3 - very ineffective 3 - quite fragile 3 - very ineffective
elongated <metal> rifflers 9 - intricate 8 x density  ?  ?  ?  ?

Cap indicates the best possible score that can be reached using normal metals. It should be noted that it is not possible to reach both caps in the same item.


Item:Square iron rifflersfalsetrue
Item:Kertig rifflers shaped like jagged lightning boltstruenot very effective5nearly impervious17masterfully12
Loimic rifflers with burnished aldamdin handlestruerather effective7marginally vulnerable8masterfully12
Rifflers with azurelle handlestrueexceptionally effective9somewhat unsound6masterfully12
Sturdy rifflerstruetrue

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