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Refia Gainsborough

Alt=Woodland Princess Refia

Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime


You see Woodland Princess Refia Gainsborough, a Human.
Refia has a softly glowing verdant moonsilver necklace displaying an ornate pendant that accents the curves of an oval face with delicate features, a vivacious flower sprite with gem-encrusted wings clinging to the left of two slightly pointed ears, some green glitter accenting thick-lashed sapphire eyes, a freckled nose and dimples. Her auburn-streaked ginger hair is long and wavy with side-swept bangs, and is worn pulled back from the face by a pair of lilac moonsilver flower barrettes adorned with faceted heliotropes and allowed to tumble freely down the back. She has dew-kissed skin contoured with glittering swipes of translucent crystal dust and a deeply cowled cloak of dark viridian thornweave partially obscuring a gracefully slender figure.
She is petite for a Human.
She appears to be an adult.
Her left wrist has a tattoo of a simple arrow depicted in narrow black lines.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a dark green shadowleaf morawen, a snug zerarin wool bodice with thick leather straps, a tailored ivory cotton blouse with satin ribbon lacing, a resplendent telothian signet ring bearing a stylized crest, a square cookie tin decorated with whimsical dragons and unicorns, some tight-fitting black madun leggings with leather bindings and some darkened grey suede ankle boots laced with nightsilk.


Year Event
414 Born on the 3rd day of the 3rd month of Lirisa the Archer.
436 Talked with Kalika about joining the Ranger Guild.
437 Achieved 50th circle within the guild.
438 Achieved 100th circle within the guild.
439 Achieved 150th circle within the guild.
440 Joined the Emerald Knights.
445 Achieved 200th circle within the guild.

Gainsborough Family Weapons

Alt=Telothian Princess Refia
Brawling some telothian-spiked knuckles wrapped in thorny wild vines
Heavy Thrown a spiked telothian meteor hammer with a chain of hardened wild vines
Twohanded Edged a telothian wildland machete elaborately traced in luminescent starshine
Bows a shadowbark reflex bow with a crimson-dyed spidersilk bowstring



Merchant Original Alteration
Scarecrow a low-cut zerarin wool bodice tightly laced with ombre scalene ribbons Tap:
a snug zerarin wool bodice with thick leather straps
Tailored of the finest wool and reinforced with flexible boning, this garment is designed to accentuate the curves of the wearer's body to the utmost degree. Three leather straps accent the front of the bodice and are secured with blackened silver buckles to create a surprisingly comfortable fit.
The top hook of the zerarin wool bodice is open.
Scarecrow some nightsilk assassin's slippers Tap:
some darkened grey suede ankle boots laced with nightsilk
Designed to help muffle the sound of footsteps, the suede construction is comfortable yet sturdy enough that the wearer's ankle does not roll in steep and rocky terrain. Frequent outdoor use has worn areas of the suede nearly black, but otherwise remains pristine. Nightsilk lacing crisscrosses up the front section of each boot with remarkably little sheen.
Loriale some hip-hugging black starlight velvet leggings Tap:
some tight-fitting black madun leggings with leather bindings
Snug, but remarkably comfortable, the tarnished black threads give the low relief patterns woven into the pants a dark sheen as if night were falling across the fabric. Several eyelets laced with leather cording start at each ankle and trace vertically about a quarter length up the leg, serving to adjust the fit depending on the situation.
Urdesas a deeply cowled cloak of dark jadeleaf cloth inked with a shadowy gloomwood tree Tap:
a deeply cowled cloak of dark viridian thornweave clasped with a telothian pin
The sweeping expanse of dense fabric absorbs most light that touches its matte finish, while deep black satin lines the interior. A small canary yellow cloudstone has been smoothed and rounded into a perfect sphere and mounted atop a purple-tinged silvery talon shaped pin securing the garment to the wearer's shoulders and anchoring the vast hood.


Merchant Original Alteration
Urdesas a polished leather morawen Tap:
a dark green shadowleaf morawen
Bearing a double cross-body design, the weapon harness allows for two weapons to be secured by elaborate loops. Blackened in places, the shadowleaf remains otherwise pristine, and is sewn with images of Human females. One is seen picking flowers, while another is drawing a bow, a third wielding a small blade, some conjuring powerful spells. Dark shadesatin threads shine with a glossy sheen, and shadows dance across the figures with any movement, making them seem to appear realistically lifelike.
Herlewin a effervescent eddy of honey-hued light captured by a sungold frame Tap:
a vivid eddy of lavender-hued light ensnared within a telothian cage
The hinged door of the intricate scrollwork container is wrought as a swooping owl, its outstretched wings depicted with flawless metal feathers. Within the body, the vibrant lilac vortex flutters against the bars, a small watery portal in its depths shimmering in and out of view.


Merchant Original Alteration
Sindah a dull signet ring Tap:
a resplendent telothian signet ring bearing a stylized crest
Engraved with precision, the insignia of a harpy owl with outstretched wings ablaze with moonlight dives towards unseen prey. Beneath the watchful gaze of a full moon, the predatory bird represents a whispered promise of quiet power.

The ring is etched with a harpy owl, wings outstretched to soar past the face of the moon.

Urdesas a heavy steel necklace set with a princess-cut ruby Tap:
a softly glowing verdant moonsilver necklace displaying an ornate pendant
The thin silver chain radiates a vibrant virdant sheen resulting in a soft, silvery-green glow. Dangling from the centerpiece position, a telothian pendant has been elaborately engraved with a stoic visage of a harpy owl. Clear canary-yellow cloudstones, permeated by opaque cream-hued inclusions just beneath the surface, have been set into the pale purple-tinged metal and serve as the creature's eyes. The owl appears to blink with a silvery-white coruscating flash when light hits the gems at the proper angle.
Urdesas a pair of delicate goldweave waiku flower barrettes Tap:
a pair of lilac moonsilver flower barrettes adorned with faceted heliotropes
Forged into the shape of twin flowers, fully opened petals display a vibrant lavendar sheen resulting in a soft, silvery-amethyst glow across the surface of the metal. A cluster of luminous jewels tinted shades of pinkish-undertoned purple rest in the center of each blossom, the tiny gems intricately faceted to exhibit their incredibly reflective nature.


Merchant Original Alteration
Loriale a silver belt knife with a polished mahogany hilt Tap:
a sinuous telothian belt knife with an intricately carved greenheart hilt
Gently curved to fit the hand, the dark green wood has been beautifully polished and fashioned in the likeness of a harpy owl diving at some unseen prey. With no crossguard to prevent the hand from slipping onto the purple-tinged silvery blade, the graceful curves of the tool are left unbroken.