Raven's Court, Dining Room

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The Raven's Court, Dining Room
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1i
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Raven's Court, Dining Room]
Crafted crystal glassware, delicately gilded china and elegant silver adorn each of the dozens of polished ebony tables in the large dining room. A detailed menu rests upon a carved goldenoak easel along the wall closest to the foyer, visible to patrons before they have been seated. Ringing the walls of the room is a well-maintained water garden, with small fountains emitting the soothing sound of gently splashing water at each corner. You also see some broad marble steps, a formal waiter and a golden filigreed dessert cart tended by a formal waitress with several things on it.

On the dessert cart
Item Price Done
slice of Greater Fist lava cake served with rich vanilla ice cream 237   !!
slice of Zoluren dream cheesecake served in a chocolate cookie crust 237   
luscious cream puff drizzled with caramel sauce and wrapped in spun sugar 237   !!
chocolate thunder brownie topped with whipped cream and sweet shavings 237   !!

A detailed menu reads:

                                               Raven's Court
                               -= Exquisite Dining for the Most Refined Tastes =-                               
Item Price Done
1 - Surlaenisan Jewel - Island white rum blended with tropical fruits and vanilla 350   !!
2 - Katamba's Eclipse - Infused dark rum that delights the palate 350   !!
3 - Verdeslin Dark Reserve - A superior aged brandy with subtle notes of black currant 350   
4 - Zoluren Crush - Velvety smooth blend of wine, orange liqueur and gladiolus nectar 350   
5 - Tribal Fire - A zesty cocktail guaranteed to set your heart and soul on fire 350   !!
6 - Tethloren Velvet Coffee - A perfect refresher with exotically spiced undercurrents 350   
7 - Raven's Court Creamed Espresso - Delightful blend with subtle infusions of white chocolate and almond 350   
8 - Taisidon Mountain Spritzer - Delicate white wine blended with snow pear nectar 350   
9 - Chateau Talan Reserve - A full-bodied wine with a delectable nose of black cherries, dark chocolate and well balanced oak 450   
10 - Frostweyr Divine Wine - A perfect balance of citrus, floral and honey that lingers gracefully on the palate 450   
Item Price Done
11 - Dragonflower Salad - Zesty petals, tomatoes and mozzarella served over mixed greens drizzled with a light bacon vinaigrette 850   !!
12 - Rissan Crab Flowers - Calla blossoms stuffed with sweet crab meat and coconut shavings, topped with a creamy parmesan sauce 850   !!
13 - Imperial Sourdough Bread - Golden-crusted half loaf served piping hot with a sharp pimento cheese dip 750   !!
Item Price Done
14 - Butter Poached Pi'Qanah Lobster - Served with baby Therengian gold potatoes and purple asparagus spears 1,250   !!
15 - Fang Cove Fantail Shrimp - Pan seared garlic shrimp served with wild rice and marmalade-drizzled melon slices 1,200   !!
16 - Fire Grilled Longhouse Steak - Served with whipped parmesan potatoes and truffled sweet corn blended with caramelized pearl onions 1,250   !!
17 - Siksraja Marinated Venison Medallions - Braised to perfection and drizzled with a zesty sherry mushroom sauce, served with creamy pasta 1,225   !!
18 - Musparan Glazed Duck - Pan roasted with a gingered honey glaze and served with creamed spinach topped with walnut slivers 1,200   !!