Ratha Housing

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At a Glance Listing for Housing on the island of Reshalia.

Deadman's RunRathaLower
UrbanFreeCity71119 May 2019
Kor'adu AvenueRathaMiddleUrbanFreeCity6619 May 2019
Kssintlee WayRathaMiddleUrbanFreeCity4619 May 2019
Mastik MewsRathaMiddleUrbanFreeCity5519 May 2019
Odalva ReachRathaMiddleUrbanFreeCity4719 May 2019
Reshalia Trade RoadRathaUpperRuralTreeNone2819 May 2019
Selridge RoadRathaMiddleUrbanFreeCity4519 May 2019
Shh'o'kumu TerraceRathaUpperUrbanFreeCity121819 October 2019
Tierskel WayRathaMiddleUrbanFreeCity91019 May 2019
Upper Cobra RoadRathaMiddleUrbanFreeCity5519 May 2019