Odalva Reach

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Odalva Reach
Location: Ratha, Qi'Reshalia (RanikMap90)
Class / Type: Middle / Urban
Restrictions: None
Justice: City
Form: Free
Homes (Free): 7 (4)
Last Checked: 4 Skullcleaver 437, 28 March 2021
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Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Odalva Reach - 1 Middle Class, Urban Unclaimed cozy red-shuttered dwelling
Odalva Reach - 2 Middle Class, Urban Unclaimed ivy-covered whitewashed abode
Odalva Reach - 3 Middle Class, Urban Unclaimed red stucco dwelling
Odalva Reach - 4 Middle Class, Urban Unclaimed sturdy pine-trimmed cottage
Odalva Reach - 5 Middle Class, Urban Antionetta dark red brick house with a white-blossomed rose tree growing in a fluted clay planter
Odalva Reach - 6 Middle Class, Urban Ancanar cozy white block cottage with several bushel-baskets of fresh apples clustered under a nearby tree
Odalva Reach - 7 Middle Class, Urban Unclaimed plain whitewashed home

Free Items

Picked in room #O4: