Rakash traditional healing practices

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Rakash healing practices in their western homelands were very different than what is common in the east today. Though there were of course those who were sensitive to the ebb and flow of Life, empathic healing as taught to Guilded folks was not something practiced by the Rakash. Instead, they sought to find Enelne's Face within the plants that She had given them. It was with the knowledge that they gained from this that the Rakash developed their practice of healing teas.

The main medicinal tradition of the Rakash people, the art of healing tea creation is not quite the same as the standard eastern alchemical practice of remedy making, though some similarities do exist. Knowledge of healing herbs is paramount in both practices, but while many plants familiar to eastern alchemists are used in the creation of Rakash healing teas, their methods of preparation as well as the inclusion of myriad other ingredients differs greatly. It would be unwise for an alchemist trained in eastern methods to expect themselves to be able to easily recreate the traditional Rakash recipes, especially as the ways of the art have fallen out of popular knowledge even amongst the Rakash themselves in modern days.

Today, the calling and practices of the Empaths are quite revered amongst most Rakash who hew to the traditional teachings of their Gods, as it too is seen as a gift from Enelne. While the ease of access to those skilled in empathic healing in the east has decreased the daily importance of it for many, the knowledge and application of the art of healing teas continues be an honored, if rather less widespread, tradition. When asked on the subject of which form of healing is 'better', it would not be uncommon for the Rakash response to be a shrug and a quote -- "Uz zinat cik zu jurs kas jusu dzuaws recitawt vut Enelne vislavaka davana." (or in Common, "To know how to use what you learned is Enelne's best gift.") Ever a pragmatic people, modern Rakash are most likely to embrace all forms of the healing arts save for those accessed through Necromancy, which they do not view as healing in the slightest, regardless of the visible results.