Rakash Moot 408

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One many Rakash gatherings that have been held by the Augstawne Girene Dzirta with the help of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order at the village of Siksraja.


You hear the growling voice of a Rakash speaking common drift in from nearby, "Come on now, Elf. We've got a lot of distance to cover in order to make it to Siksraja for the MOOT! If you really want to know what we Rakash are like, you'll get your chance to find out once we get there. That Troupe member said it starts in thirty roisan, so no time for smelling flowers!" The sound of hurried footsteps drown the voice out until both fade into the distance.



Schedule of Events

  • Rakash Trivia. A question and answer game featuring Rakash-based knowledge and information.
  • Howling contest. A game which showcases the howling abilities of contestants.
  • Storytelling contest. A game which highlights the various tales and stories from contestants.