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Raekhlo is the Gamgweth word for 'scabbard'. When used in an item name, it is referring to a specific type of weapon belt of Human origin that has only the frog portion of a scabbard attached to it, sometimes in multiples so as to allow several weapons to be secured to it at once. A raekhlo at its most simple is a wide leather belt with a metal frog attached so that the stored weapon will be held just to the back of the wearer's hip and the blade angled slightly backward.

It is thought that, historically, raekhlo was the early Gamgweth word for all types of belt-like or belt-attached weapon holding items which allowed for ease of access to the wielder, and that the meaning and popular usage morphed significantly over time as styles of battle and fashion changed. In modern times, these 'scabbards' are sometimes very similar in function to a morawen despite their cosmetic differences, in that they are frequently made to allow for two weapons to be drawn at once.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Cave-troll hide raekhloHumanist (2)Humanist (3)truetrue
Diamond-hide raekhloHumanist (2)Humanist (3)truetrue
Item:Polished leather raekhloBarbarian Paradisetrue
Meshor fox-pelt raekhloHumanist (2)Humanist (3)truetrue
Polished leather raekhloBarbarian Paradisetrue
Reinforced leather raekhloHumanist (2)Humanist (3)true
Tawny leather raekhloHumanist (2)Humanist (3)true

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