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Description: A property to declare what the draw strength for a bow is.
Type: String
Allows Value: extremely low, very low, somewhat low, average, somewhat high, very high, exceptionally high, extremely high

There are currently 131 items in this property, 63 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Adderwood shortbow shaped like twin serpents +average  +
Aesetani applewood shortbow +somewhat high  +
Ash and teak composite bow with a bleached leather grip +average  +
Ash longbow +average  +
Aubergine cypress longbow with a leaf-green leather grip +average  +
Azurelle longbow carved with rearing dragons +average  +


Balanced competition longbow +average  +
Banded competition shortbow +very low  +
Battle-worn skirmisher's bow with an etched iron grip +somewhat low  +
Beechwood short bow +average  +
Black and blue ringed competition shortbow +very low  +
Black oak steppe bow wrapped with grey horsehair twined through polished vertebrae +average  +
Black short bow carved into the shape of a stylized dolphin +average  +
Blackened shortbow etched with silvery vines +average  +
Blighted silverwillow longbow +average  +
Blue-stringed oak jranoki painted with graduated rows of lacquer seashells +average  +
Bone-inlaid assassin's bow (1) +average  +
Bone-inlaid assassin's bow (2) +very high  +
Bone-tipped yew short bow +average  +
Bow designed for shipboard use +average  +
Bronze-tipped Goblin longbow +average  +


Carved longbow with a cured leather grip +average  +
Common longbow +average  +
Compact recurve bow with cat's-eye tourmalines set in platinum risers +somewhat high  +
Composite bow +average  +
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