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Re: Zoluren line of succession · on 08/31/2013 10:21 PM CDT 1796
Good question!

Firstly, I had to do some digging to try to find out how Anamir was thrown into that mix. I found the post on Epedia (all hail Elanthipedia!). If you notice, the person that claimed Anamir would be in line for the throne was Midjure who was later found out to be conspiring with Molphant and the treasonists (a very old storyline) in the attempt to overthrow Prince Vorclaf. I would take anything that was said with a grain of salt there. Anamir was a retainer of the court and has long ago retired.

The current line of succession for Zoluren is as follows: Belirendrick IV, Inavia. When Belirendrick marries and has children, his children would be next in line, moving Inavia back a step.

Keresyk has officially withdrawn from Zoluren in pursuit of his father and grandfather’s court; he has removed himself from any hope of consideration. To be honest, while they never would have challenged Vorclaf when he was alive, I think the High Council would have an issue with Keresyk attempting to make a claim as he is from the illegitimate line of the Sorvendig family; lucky for him he has no interest in the position.

Would Emmilyn stand a chance if something happened to both twins before they produce offspring? It is hard to say. She has not been seen at court and to be honest has had little to do with her mother (or father) and has her own ideas. But again,she's also part of the illegitimate line of the family.

Following that, the Zoluren High Council would be tasked to make the decision. Taking a glance at the timeline on Epedia (all hail Elanthipedia!), you will notice the last name of some of the Houses as former rulers of Zoluren, they each would have claims as well. Then there is Theren’s claim through House Weyato.

It would all end up being a political mess and one the High Council would rather not have to deal with, mostly because they are content with their lot in life. At least for now. :)

GM Seyalle
P1 Events Lead

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