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Weer Crystal Telescope repaired. · on 12/10/2008 10:47:00 AM 288
I was waiting for someone involved in the event to mention this in the Moon Mage folders. It was mentioned over in the general events folder, but so I will announce it here.

The telescope one west of Kssarh has been repaired. Kssarh had refused to allow the telescope to be repaired until he could be assured that it would be the best telescope in Elanthia. This resulted in the telescope remaining unrepaired for many years. Telescopes from the Merelew festival made his demand for the best telescopes even more difficult.

Someone recently stopped by the Theren lens shop (cough) and asked if Clarify Gem could be cast on a telescope. An apprentice lensmaker named Banii overheard the question, and pointed out that it might be possible for CG to work on the crystal lens that had been prepared for Kssarh's telescope. The experiment was a great success. CG was cast on the corresponding eyepiece, and the lensmaker had the items necessary to make Kssarh's telescope the best in all of Elanthia.

As a reward, Banii was given the honor of taking the lenses to the Observatory and installing them. (There was some whispering among the other apprentices that the lensmaker did not want to take a chance of meeting Kssarh again.)

At least one telescope in each guildhall will be equipped with the new technology. Apparently Kssarh and Lomtaun have already been in consultation on the matter (another cough). Kssarh is insisting that the Crossing Observatory will always have the best telescope, but he is willing to allow the other guildhalls to have telescopes that are nearly as good as the one in the observatory.

Having repaired the telescope, I feel compelled to remind people that that telescope quality is still a relatively minor component in the enchanting process. Still, if you want to do absolutely everything possible to wring quality out of an enchantment, it might help to visit the Observatory or one of the established guildhalls.

The new telescope is live in Plat and Prime, and I will fix the Observatory telescope in TF this evening. The telescopes in the other guildhalls will be upgraded "soon."

This message was originally posted in The Moon Mages \ Game Master and Official Announcements (1), by DR-BURSAAL on the forums.