Konezu's Lenses

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Konezu's Lenses
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Therenborough
Map Ranik's Map 42
Owner Konezu
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Jewelry shops, Magic shops, Moon Mage shops
Restrictions Moon Mage
This store only accepts Lirums

[Konezu's Lenses, Foyer]
Pure white alabaster offsets a striking multihued fresco dominating the rear walls of this majestic foyer. Thirteen shimmering gaethzen lamps dangle from the edge of a circular opening midway between a naturally formed pool and the expansive dome overhead. A crystal weer telescope sits amid a framework of ironwood beams and brass machinery. The telescope's tremendous tube angles upwards, providing it access to the heavens.
Obvious exits: west, out.

[Konezu's Lenses, Darkened Room]
Hanging from a chain attached to the ceiling's center beam, a crude votive lamp of murky wine-colored glass spills muted illumination upon a low rosewood table. Charcoal woolen curtains and a padded bench draped with purplish-black felt enhance this shadowy atmosphere. As if escaping the darkness, an occasional draft flees whistling up a wide circular staircase.
You also see a towering Shadow Servant with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the Shadow Servant
Item Price Done
slender bone ring etched with the crest of the Moon Mage Guild 3,000   
cambrinth ring bearing the crest of the Moon Mage Guild 9,777   
etched crescent-shaped cambrinth moon pendant 10,000   
cambrinth telescope suspended from a flat gold chain 15,051   
cambrinth shadowling charm suspended from a black satin cord 7,727   
On the rosewood table
Item Price Done
spiteful gaethzen shadowling 20,000   
polished gaethzen lens 15,000   
cowering gaethzen shadowling 20,000   
skittish gaethzen shadowling 20,000   
playful gaethzen shadowling 20,000   
shimmering gaethzen gnome 20,000   
shimmering gaethzen lantern 15,000   
bashful gaethzen shadowling 20,000   

Moon Mage only section

[Konezu's Lenses, Atop the Catwalk]
Encased in a web of interlocking panes of golden glass, the amber-tinted dome affords a wide-angled perspective of the heavens. Golden rays from filtered sunlight bathe lush plants placed about a stone staircase in large earthen pots. Crystallized in mid-game, a litter of gnome-sized shadowlings cavort amid a pile of cases. Caught in a costly game of keep-away, an extensive collection of telescopes remains in their paws. You also see a silver lens stand with some stuff on it and a scrivener's scroll rack with some stuff on it.

On the crystal shadowlings
Item Price Done
basic silverwillow telescope 209,999   
sturdy deobar telescope 179,999   
simple mahogany telescope 45,073   
basic ebonwood telescope 199,999   
simple ash telescope 43,073   
simple satinwood telescope 44,073   !!
Simple telescopes are crudely made. Basic and sturdy telescopes are poorly made.
On the lens stand
Item Price Done
thick-lensed glasses 4,435   
platinum-rimmed reading glasses attached to a slender platinum chain 45,544   
elegant silver monocle 9,761   
square-lensed spectacles 5,544   
reading spectacles 5,544   
thin-framed spectacles 11,087   
gold-rimmed reading glasses attached to a slender gold chain 21,524   
On the scroll rack
Item Price Done
onionskin starchart 15,111   
coarse paper starchart 18,750   
On the pile of cases
Item Price Done
telescope case fashioned from a scrimshaw tube with platinum end caps 100,000   !!
telescope case fashioned from a scrimshaw tube with gold end caps 50,000   
darkened oilcloth telescope case 2,525   !!
telescope case fashioned from a scrimshaw tube with silver end caps 20,050   
telescope tube of dark fur and polished bone endcaps 2,525   !!
amber-scaled hide telescope case 3,878   !!
stone grey hide telescope case trimmed in pure white fur 2,525