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Re: Warhorns · on 5/14/2010 11:56:15 PM 3304
Howdy there. The lure and repel abilities are restricted to the Barbarian and Bard guilds. If you see people from other guilds able to use those functions please let me know.

It is true that you can already repel enemies, but at the cost of performing no other enchante. These items also don't require mana, which can make them useful in some situations. When we explored the options for what a readily available item like this (even potentially craftable in the future) could do, combat bonuses and the like fell out for balance reasons. What I hope to see is for the current implementation of warhorns to not be the final one. Over time guild abilities could be developed that interact with and rely on the warhorns in varied ways.

I was going for more of an "anyone can use it" kind of an item, so it has no skillchecks to use. I'll keep the Wind instrument skillcheck in mind when the time comes to evaluate how balanced the warhorn effects are.

The signaling functions can message adjacent rooms, up to a reasonable distance away. Bards and Barbarians get a bonus to this distance, and using a simple horn penalizes it. Please let me know if this doesn't seem to be working.

Does that help clarify things a bit?

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