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Throne City Justice · on 10/13/2014 01:20 185
As the times grow increasingly uncertain, we find our great Guild under assault from those who hate and fear us. While we are strong, our resources are still finite and I have found it necessary to expand the jurisdiction of the Y'Shai garrisoned in Throne City. They remain ever vigilant against threats to the Guild wherever they may be found. But those threats have not, and will not, contain themselves to one city.

However, we will not let Throne City fall to lawlessness nor shall I let it be plagued by common cutpurses and thugs. As such, I tasked a team of our finest artificers, led by Tozu Ayochi, to craft a solution -- The Custodians of the Dusk. These constructs will be deployed throughout the city and I ask that you respect their will as law, for they are an extension of my own will.

By my hand,

Guildmaster Prime Taramaine Ennis-Braun

I will be releasing Throne City justice later tonight, with many thanks due to Ricinus for QCing this behemoth.

Since this is a rather complex rollout it will not be placed into TF immediately. Please let me know right away if you encounter any problems or oddities or notice anything else weird with Throne City following this release.


This message was originally posted in Places, Cities and Provinces of DragonRealm's Elanthia/Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-RAESH on the forums.