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Re: Thought crossed my mind. · on 2/19/2009 5:17:54 PM 1070
The Arcane is a branch of magic that focuses on spells and effects that, for one reason or another, are impossible to codify within the system of frequencies and disciplines are predominates magical theory. While D&D players may bring extra baggage with the term, in DR it's used in a literal sense: Arcane magic is esoteric magic, whose rules and twists are known by few.

Sorcery is the most infamous discipline studied by students of the Arcane. It is the use of spell patterns that rely on the laws and properties of two (or more) frequencies of mana at once. This makes the spells unstable by nature. Sorcery is characterized by violence -- while the means of sorcery are varied, inevitably there is something being undermined or destroyed. This can be as blatant as Blackfire consuming a man utterly, or as pervasive as Teleologic gnawing at the underpinnings of possibility and reality.

Necromancy is a sub-discipline of Sorcery, which is centered around corrupting Life mana with Lunar or Elemental admixtures. It is characterized by the creation of "false life" (or, rather, forcing life energy to exist in physical shells that do not naturally conduct it) and the violations of living flesh.


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